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United Arab Emirates

Tue 28th Apr 2009

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Richard commented on Review: The Conduit (Wii):

Good Review - and honest sore, but I think a couple of your observations need clarification. If the controls feel odd you can change them and its saves your prefered configuration for when ever you return to the game. Secondly, you wont ever hear a random 12 year old on Wii Speak, only registered friend that have the device. It is still possible to hear others in you team if you dont have Wii speak but they will still be registered Friends.



Richard commented on Modern Warfare 2 Wii-bound?:

Why do these multi format release threads always descend into the 'I be geting it on the 360/PS3 anyway' - its Nintendolife for goodness sake - I'll got to another site if I had a another console. Honestly its like the Stepford wives



Richard commented on Sony to Reveal Copycat Motion Controller at E3?:

This is so old - look who's copying who and all that - Its a bit like the iphone - six months later all the major phone manufactures have a phone out that looks just like an iphone. Trouble for Sony is the boat has sailed - the same happened for their music players.



Richard commented on Talking Point: About "The Waggle":

Don't forget the Wii's function was to introduce motion controls to people for the first time. We will alway have buttons to press as long as we have fingers but the next natural thing for people to do is gesticulate, so motion control is and has been proved to be an important next step in the evolution of control interfaces. I have a warm fussy feeling that it was Nintendo that had the balls to try it first.