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Watch The No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle E3 Trailer!

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Luchador accompanies first gameplay footage.

Is Grasshopper's No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle a tale about happiness? Cuddling? High-fiving strangers and giving sandwiches to the homeless?

No. It's about revenge, as mentioned in the game's E3 trailer. Repeatedly.

Outside of the teaser trailer from TGS last year, the general public hasn't seen any footage of the game, or any details really for that matter. Hooray E3 then, because not only did an article in Famitsu recently spill some beans on the upcoming title, we now have a new trailer for the game, complete with semi-random luchador hanging around between cuts.

The tone of the trailer is a bit more serious than you'd expect, but the humor of the series still shines through. And yeah, the dual-wielding katana combat looks pretty snazzy, although it doesn't seem like there's much of a difference between slicing people's heads off with just the one beam katana.

Check out the trailer for the game over at IGN and let us know what you think.


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Atlantis1982 said:

Again, glad this game is coming out in 2010; too much games I would like to buy this year as it is.

And the ending was so full of lulz! xD



odd69 said:

im getting this day one. we are lucky to get a sequel. im glad suda51 wanted to continue no more heroes ,as i enjoyed the first game. i do hope the city is more enjoyable to play around in.



wanderlustwarrior said:

to the site operators: when someone (in this case, VGP) beats the site to breaking news, could you guys give them credit in the article?

oh yeah, and I can't wait for this game.



Shiryu said:

I love Suda51's work, the man is a genius and deservers way more fame and profit then his titles generate. Day #1 purchase for me, I miss Travis (and Kristel!).



SupermarketZombies said:

I've been trying to collect Suda's games. So far I'm only up to Contact, No More Heroes, and Killer 7, but I plan on getting Flower, Sun, and Rain or whatever its called soon.



valleyoftheunos said:

This ooks prety awesome, lots of the first game but enough new stuff to bring it on. in fact it makes me want to go play the first one again.



odd69 said:

yea the ending part was the best.what was crazy to me was the part where Sylvia talked in fast forward mode. i was like, umm what?.i looked on youtube and found a video where someone actually slowed it down and you could hear what sylvia said and then i finally uinderstood what was going on. nintendo needs to let suda51 be as graphic as he wants even if the material is sick in the head.



Clayfrd said:

Oh... my God. I finally climbed out of the catacombs of hell (miss me?) for this? Very nice! Welcome back, Travis. This game looks incredible. The trailer reminded me a lot of a movie trailer. Well done.



astarisborn94 said:

I want to get this, but I can't (I'm too young), still, it looks great. After all, the console war isn't just a battle, it's a ************ war (Curse word has been fully censored, please don't ban me for it.)!




I won' bre buying this, though I acknowledge the good quality of the first game and the probable good quality of the second...

Such games are good for the Wii

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