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Podcast: Episode 3 - The Conduit Interview

Posted by Anthony Dickens

We recently visited SEGA's HQ in London to play The Conduit. Feast your ears on the results!

As you might have read in the earlier feature on the Conduit Multiplayer event at Sega, Nintendo Life staff member Tom had the opportunity to interview two of the chaps from High Voltage Software – Kerry Ganofsky (CEO) and Eric Nofsinger (CCO).

Armed with a couple of questions the community wanted to know (and a few of the ones we decided upon deep within our Nintendo Life lair) he set about talking to Kerry and Eric about their very impressive looking game and got some answers that shed a lot of light on the title's driving force.

The technical fairies at Nintendo Life have managed to extract the audio from Tom's iPhone and have mashed it together in our latest Podcast, which can be found below. For those wanting a bit more information on The Conduit, this is an essential listen.

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hamispink said:

I am definately interested in this game, but it is still a maybe buy for me

my first first



Dazza said:

Wow what a great interview, good job with the questions Tom. As a bit of a 360 gamer I have been spoilt with high quality FPS games so I must admit to having felt a little indifferent to The Conduit, until now that is!

Knowing that it has been created from the ground up for the Wii and with so much input from the gaming community I feel a lot better about it now. Eric and Kerry seem really switched on to what gamers want to get out of this, so I feel confident that this will be a winner.

Nice work with putting the podcast together Tom & James, another sterling effort!



Bahamut_ZERO said:

Love the podcast, though like Daz, I am spoiled with FPS on my 360.

@Dazza: You guys going to make a story on the new Bit. Trip. (Core) soon?



Objection said:

I must have missed the first 2? Anyway, I enjoyed it. Please make more podcasts in the future.



James said:

Both previous episodes of the podcast!

I really had very little to do with this one - Tom's the main man with this one, and I think he did a great job with his interview. Good work, Tommy Boy! (As well as being a devilishly clever interviewer, he also sure plays a mean pinball)



Wiiloveit said:

Nice, just listened to this on my paper route this morning once the GoNintendo podcast finished, and I thought that it was ace, and although I didn't realise it was possible, I'm now even more hyped for the game! It's great to hear the developers themselves realise that this is the game that will decided whether or not core FPS games will do well on the Wii. Can't wait!

Also, what happened to this news post? If the podcast hadn't downloaded onto my iPod from iTunes, I wouldn't have known it existed. Did it skip the front page, or did I just miss it by accident? And why the long wait for part three?

Keep up the good work!



James said:

I actually recorded an episode for the start of April, but it never got posted due to issues with the competition at the time. The next episode will probably be up at the start of June, and as always I'm welcoming contributors -!



ND799 said:

I don't usually like shooters, but this game looks great so far. I might check it out

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