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Patent Images of Nintendo's Wii Controllers

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Ever wanted to see how the various Nintendo Wii controllers started out?

Patent images have recently surfaced of some of Nintendo's various Wii controller designs. For those who want to see how these controllers took shape, you can check out the images below.

The Wii Remote designs are probably the most interesting of the bunch. As you can see, one design features an analog stick where the D-pad is currently located on the Wii Remote. There's even a classic "Game & Watch" style D-pad on one Wii Remote design that would have been an interesting twist on Nintendo's classic D-pad design, although how functional this design would have ultimately been remains to be seen.


The Classic Controller designs are almost as unique as the Wii Remote drawings. As you can see, the D-pad and action buttons are located where the analog sticks are located on the final Classic Controller design in one of the mock-ups. This design probably wouldn't have been very popular among retro game fans due to how the controller would have to be held in order to make use of the D-pad and buttons. The first design in the picture above basically features the same basic design we see on the final Classic Controller design, except it features a much more rounded look to it.


There's not much to see with the two Nunchuk designs below, other than the blocky design on the right. It looks more like a Wii Remote than the slick Nunchuk attachment we've grown to love. Luckily Nintendo ended up going with the more ergonomic design in the end.


After looking at these early designs of the various Nintendo Wii controllers, it seems safe to say that Nintendo settled on the best designs of the bunch when it comes to the finished product. But it does show just how meticulous Nintendo is when it comes to coming up with the designs for their game console controllers.

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Philip_J_Reed said:

Yeah, it really is fascinating. And it just goes to show how much effort Nintendo invests in something that other "nameless" companies quite obviously just throw together without thinking...



Corbs said:

The Game & Watch D-Pad was interesting and one I'd like to try. But I doubt it would be very functional.



AVahne said:

at least Nintendo actually put effort in all their designs and specs instead of all those companies that put together ideas that have actually been thought up by many unknown people long before the Wii but now decide to sue Nintendo because Nin is more successful than those companies will ever be



Cryo said:

Sweet, overall I like one these better than the current one



theblackdragon said:

i kinda like the wiimote design with the offset 1 and 2 buttons. there are also definitely times where i wish they'd gone with the old-style buttons for start and select/+ and - (not the little round buttons but the longer inset buttons side-by-side). I get them confused sometimes because they're on top of one another when you hold the wiimote sideways for an NES game. ^^;



Digiki said:

At first glance the left Wiimote looked good, but that lower d-pad ruined it for me.



Kaeobais said:

Wiimote 6 looks kinda strange. Why are the 1 and 2 buttons not aligned? Also, what's with the 2 extra buttons on the one to the far right? Also, why doesn't that one have the four blue lights? Not picking at them, just observations.

Very neat. Overall the designs they chose are the perfect ones.



Jack_Package said:

Including every button, bar the d-pad, the designs range from 6 - 9 buttons...
(MickEiA- power and home, maybe?)



cheese said:

The current Wii Remote is quite good in my opinion but i think instead 1 and 2 buttons they should have had four buttons ala SNES (abxy). That way we could have more buttons



Chunky_Droid said:

I love the effort Nintendo puts into their controllers, as it's in my opinion the most important aspect of any console. I remember there were at least 5 different looking Gamecube controllers before they released the official one, which is still my favourite for 3D gaming.

Which is why I hate the X-Box 360, and like the PS3 despite them stealing the idea behind the SNES controller.



Chatham said:

The one on the left looks like what they thought of pre-nunchuk. Too bad it would sucked for sideways-play.

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