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Miyamoto's Unused Touch Screen RPG

Posted by Stuart Reddick

Interesting new game design patent appears

The Nintendo DS certainly has had its share of unique RPGs, but Miyamoto's take on the genre is certainly one of the best.

In another Miyamoto patent that popped up recently, we see another game idea that Nintendo has to use. An RPG idea for the DS in which enemies appear on the touch screen, and players have to tap them to beat them. The enemies move around in patterns, and it’s up to you to figure those out. Tap and miss, and you’re in trouble. Tap in their weak spot for massive damage.

While it's unknown as to whether or not this idea will ever become a reality, we'll keep you updated when Nintendo releases information on their upcoming titles.


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WolfRamHeart said:

Leave it to Miyamoto to come up with something totally bizarre but potentially genius! Not sure how it will translate but it sounds promising! Anyway, I can never have enough RPGs on my DS so bring it on!



Damo said:

Sadly it seems like this was from a while back - before the DS even appeared - so it's unlikely that we'll be seeing anything based on this patent.




The DS is one of the best consoles ever for RPGs. This sounds ultra interesting even though I'm not really into RPGs.



SupermarketZombies said:

Might make a great DSiWare game. Not sure if you could take the concept deep enough to make it retail, but who knows with that Miyamoto



Kid_A said:

Miyamoto said in a recent interview about Wii Music that he was afraid he was running out of ideas...

That filthy liar! This looks genius!

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