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Bomberman Blast Coming Soon To North America

Posted by Corbie Dillard

It seems that Bomberman Blast isn't far away from a North American release, at least according to Hudson's Fan Club Insider newsletter.

Bomberman Blast has already seen a release in Europe, so we've pretty much assumed that it wasn't far away from release in the other regions. This new information basically solidifies that assumption. Maybe North American gamers will get lucky and get the game this coming Monday alongside Capcom's Mega Man 9.

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Kenji510 said:

I hope this game comes out next week monday the 22th along with MegaMan 9 as well, that would be so coooooooool and rock!!... cant wait and find out!



blackknight77 said:

Wow! I would be impressed if it came out the same day as the blue bomber. I guess we will find out Monday



Supermarioman said:

Lets hope, most of the time WiiWare is accurate, a.k.a. dead on the release date and vc is whenever literally.



mrchillz said:

when i pray to my mario shrine it happens. i will go and pray that bombermnan comes this monday. no way we'll see both bomberman and megaman, that wuld be a wasted prayer.



Corbs said:

I too would be surprised if we got Bomberman Blast AND Mega Man 9 on the same day. But you never know.



Big_Sexy said:

@Bass X0:
I don't think anyone can fully grasp the awesomness that is that comment. Congratulations, you have lol.

I also doubt we'll see both famed bombers on the same day, but man if that happens I will pull my hair out in disgust. I hate this fall rush of games.

...So we really aren't going to see a retail version of this? I was really looking forward to it.



Objection said:

IT will be a man-filled day (i.e. BomberMAN and MegaMAN) If this comes out this Monday, I'll probably get it...



Jazzem said:

This is one of my favourite WiiWare games, so look forward to it America!



breaderer said:

man, I have to buy points cards like every 2 weeks because there's so many good games.



Digiki said:

IT will be a man-filled day (i.e. BomberMAN and MegaMAN) If this comes out this Monday, I'll probably get it...

Maybe on the VC side we'll get VectorMAN



Kevin said:

I'd love to see vectorman and personally I hope they (and really shouldn't) don't release mega man 9 and bomberman on the same day. I'll be playing mega man 9 for a long time anyway.



Mayhem said:

@Breaderer - no credit card?

Being in the UK at least I can use the Brazil trick to use mine to put points on the account. If Bomberman is coming out that soon, I'll need some more as I spent a bunch recently and what's left is for MM9...



Wiiloveit said:

I've got 3200 at the moment - 1000 for SB Episode 2, 1000 for MM9 and 1200 for Teris Party (which I think works out quite nicely). I'll still need more points for LostWinds 2, Fun Fun Minigolf and further SB episodes though. Here's hoping Ninty officially reveal their holographic storage system at their press conference in a couple of weeks

Oh, and here's hoping you do get MM9 and BMB soon, Americaland!



worrybomb said:

While it'll be great if MM9 and Bomberman gets released on the same date, I would prefer if Bomberman gets released the next following Monday. You don't want a great game overshadowing another great game. Plus it'll give me plenty of time to pick up some Wii Points. =P



Twilight_Crow said:

I'll love to see the three MAN games out this monday, lets hope you are a psychic.

Though I don't know if I'll be able to get 3000 wiipoints for them, I'd have to make some errands.
Well at least the chances of getting Megaman or Bomberman are increasing.

Edit: Confirmed, Megaman 9 on monday! YAHOOOO! Lets hope Bomberman too.

I saw it, thanks. V



shadows262 said:

dude if mega man 9 and bomberman blast come out on monday i`ll sh@t!! myself dude. im buyin a wii points card just to be safe



ttplayer92 said:

Can one of you europeans tell me which bomberman would be the best choice? Which one would you reccomend, LIVE or Blast?



mailanbr said:

If it comes out this Monday, I will be in trouble. Alternating between Megaman 9 and this? Well, I really shouldnt beat the whole Megaman game in one day, and also I am sure that Bomberman since it has Wi-Fi, it will have lots of replay value to worry about later. I gotz 2400 points... I wish I just had 100 more just to buy ONE other thing.

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