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Keiji Inafune Reveals More About Mega Man 9

Posted by Darren Calvert

In a recent interview with MTV Multiplayer, the creator of the Mega Man series, Keiji Inafune and his partner in crime, Hironobu Takeshita, producer of Mega Man 9 reveal a few more nuggets of information about this upcoming retro styled game.

Here are some of the choice bits of the interview:

Multiplayer: When you guys decided to make “Mega Man 9″ in this style, I assume nobody at Capcom had made a game in this style in a long time. So I’m wondering what it was like to re-learn to make 8-bit games or if there were people in the studio doing this on the side? How were those skills rediscovered?

Keiji Inafune, creator, Mega Man: Making an 8-bit game like this, it’s been a long time since even I’ve done something like that. But there are a lot of staff at Capcom that remember how to make that sort of thing, We used a company called Inti Create to help us on this. It’s comprised of former Capcom staff members and people who worked on NES 8-bit games. They’re really into 8-bit games and wanted to make a game like this. So, we had all the expertise we could want to make a game like this.

Multiplayer: I remember a lot of the 8-bit games I played on the NES were really, really hard. I was wondering how hard “Mega Man 9″ is.

Takeshita: Well, we made this game based on the old games. So, as you could imagine, it’s just as hard as those old games. And if you haven’t played those games in a while, it might be even harder. The whole point is: you play this, you die a few times, but you keep trying and you get past the difficult spots. That’s the pleasure gamers get from the challenge and overcoming those challenges. And we felt by creating a game that challenges players, it will give them greater reward when they beat those challenges.

There are a few more interesting things in the interview also. Read for yourself at MTV Multiplayer.

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waitaseck said:

My anticipation for this game is reaching high points! Inafune is full of pwn!



Mike1 said:

I hope this comes out in September for the U.S. like in Japan.



DJ_Philanegro said:

"The whole point is: you play this, you die a few times, but you keep trying and you get past the difficult spots. That’s the pleasure gamers get from the challenge and overcoming those challenges."

True that! =) I'm loving that quote lol.



deadly_by_design said:

Exactly. The carebear gaming generation can go play something else. (probably something that won't hurt their feelings by making them choose between 'retry' and 'quit')



Omega said:

I have recently played through Mega Man 2 and didn't find it so bad. If one manages to find out the weaknesses of the robot masters and bosses, it is really not so hard (compared to other games). At least with the "normal" difficult setting.

But I'm afraid that Mega Man 9 is more like the 1st Mega Man on the NES. And this is supposed to be very frustrating. On GameFAQs some reviewers wrote: " too hard to be fun...", "...too frustrating to be fun...", " was it hard...", "...frustrating beyond belief...", "...the first is the hardest..." etc.

But this is probably the opinion of pussy cats.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

Capcom and it's evil level design

I really think this'll be awsome! If only they had "Ultra Super Mario Bros Hyper Turbo Edition 2"



Adamant said:

@Omega: "But this is probably the opinion of pussy cats."

Certainly. None of the Mega Man games for the NES are particularly hard. Yeah, you'll die, but you never reach a point where you just can't seem to beat a particular section. Mega Man 1 and Mega Man 2 are mostly identical in their difficulty level.



Objection said:

I hope this game encourages other companies to rethink popular games in a similar manner. Unforcunately, i don't care much for 8-bit, but I hope the best anyway.



Mayhem said:

Wimps for those complaining... I got to play the two level demo at SDCC and yes it was hard, but I kept playing to get to the end of the levels (where I proceeded to die, probably because the bosses don't die easily to the arm cannon!). Really looking forward to the full game now.

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