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EU VC Releases - 26th October - Magician Lord

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Instead of the third Neo Geo fighting game, Europe's in for a treat today - You can now download the great platformer action game, Magician Lord! This great game features a fantastic soundtrack, great visuals and fun gameplay, including the ability to shapeshift into different forms.

Second today is what is perhaps the first not so great Nintendo 64 game - Yoshi's Story. While Yoshi fans will no doubt like the game, it might be a bit too simplistic and easy for other people's tastes. A tip: Don't expect anything akin to Super Mario World 2 if you get it!

The final game today is the sequel to Air Zonk, Super Air Zonk. While for the most part, it's more of the same, Hudson made some weird decisions, such as dropping the parallax scrolling in the background, and overall, it's more of a downgrade than an upgrade (Except for the fantastic CD soundtrack, of course!).

That's three more good games for the European VC today. Are you getting any of them?

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Bass_X0 said:

an awesome week compared to america's sucky monday, even with Yoshi's Story.

remember kiddies, Yoshi's Story is only easy if you make it easy for yourself. real gamers only go after melons which is what we should all be doing.



BJ1 said:

Well, it's about time Yoshi's Story showed up. Took them long enough.



alvieao said:

It's really nice that Europe received Magician Lord. Many gamers must download that game over Yoshi's Story. Seriously, you must spend your Wii Points on one of the first great NeoGeo games instead of a disappointing Yoshi game...



but finding all of them without the rumble isn't that easy



Steve said:

"but finding all of them without the rumble isn't that easy"

Ugh, no kidding... When are they gonna add support for the GC controller's rumble for N64 games that supported it?



They'll never support Rumble

or That's what "They" told us



Delay said:

So next week we probable get another Sega-week...
What could it be this time?
Alien Soldier?

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