EU VC Releases - 28th September - Sci-Fi Week

Get to your Wii! It's Sci-Fi Week! Part of this final Hanabi Festival update is Sin and Punishment, the highly anticipated N64 action game never released outside Japan! It has an inflated price like most Japan-only games before it - 1200 Points. If you love yourself, get this. It's an extremely good game, somewhat like Star Fox 64/Lylat Wars, except even better. This is the first Japan-only game to be translated! All menus and such are in English!

Gradius III for SNES makes up the middle of this week's parade. It was not released in Europe, as such, this is the American version. Like Ninja Gaiden last week, this also costs 100 Points more than normal - 900 Points. This is pretty much proof that, from now on, ALL games not released in Europe before will cost more than normal, whether they're Japanese or American. Oh well, at least they all run in 60Hz.

Trailing the bunch is Legend of Hero Tonma. This shoot 'em up/platformer/action hybrid for the Turbografx bears a lot of resemblance to Ninja Spirit. Don't be fooled by it's more colourful visuals though, this game is still rock-hard! It's an ok game, but with freaking Sin & Punishment and (To a lesser extent) Gradius III out this week as well, it's hard to recommend!