Hudsonsoft Game Explosion

Hudson are getting a little carried away with themselves and are preparing a whole new batch of VC games for release, bless em. Top of the pick is Air Zonk, a fantastic shooter featuring a futuristic Bonk/PC Kid. Another PC Engine release that commands high prices on eBay, this will be a steal at 600 points.

Blazing Lazers is the American version of Gunhed, which is widely regarded as the best shooter on the PC Engine by hardcore fans. With Super Star Soldier, Soldier Blade and now this, we're really being spoilt for choice when it comes to PCE shooting titles.

Ninja Spirit is an arcade conversion of the excellent Irem coin-op and ranks right up there with Shinobi and Ninja Gaiden. All in all, there's plenty to be excited about and it's fantastic that Hudson are taking the VC so seriously.

Here's the complete list:


Blazing Lazers - 600 Points - May 2007

Ninja Spirit - 600 Points - May 2007

Ordyne - 600 Points - May 2007

World Sports Competition - 600 Points - May 2007


Air Zonk - 600 Points - May 2007

Ninja Spirit - 600 Points - May 2007

Blazing Lazers - 600 Points - May 2007

Shockman - 600 Points - May 2007