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Hudsonsoft Game Explosion

Posted by Damien McFerran

Hudson are getting a little carried away with themselves and are preparing a whole new batch of VC games for release, bless em. Top of the pick is Air Zonk, a fantastic shooter featuring a futuristic Bonk/PC Kid. Another PC Engine release that commands high prices on eBay, this will be a steal at 600 points.

Blazing Lazers is the American version of Gunhed, which is widely regarded as the best shooter on the PC Engine by hardcore fans. With Super Star Soldier, Soldier Blade and now this, we're really being spoilt for choice when it comes to PCE shooting titles.

Ninja Spirit is an arcade conversion of the excellent Irem coin-op and ranks right up there with Shinobi and Ninja Gaiden. All in all, there's plenty to be excited about and it's fantastic that Hudson are taking the VC so seriously.

Here's the complete list:


Blazing Lazers - 600 Points - May 2007

Ninja Spirit - 600 Points - May 2007

Ordyne - 600 Points - May 2007

World Sports Competition - 600 Points - May 2007


Air Zonk - 600 Points - May 2007

Ninja Spirit - 600 Points - May 2007

Blazing Lazers - 600 Points - May 2007

Shockman - 600 Points - May 2007 

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RMA said:

Gotta love the backing that Hudsonsoft are bringing to the table! Now if only we get this sort of backing from Nintendo themselves ;D



Mega_X_Gundam said:

man can't nintendo make two day's of VC. one day of good games and another for games that I'v never heard of. so everyone is happy *Sigh



DEMON212 said:

I could see me buying one of those, and even then I won't as I already have 5 side scrolling shooters on the Wii.

That's a pretty poor line up IMO. I've viewed footage of all of them on youtube and it's just like, why?



Indecipherable said:

I'm humming eye of the tiger over this great news. I believe it's time for a montage, a jolt cola and a little more faith in VC.
RMA, screw Nintendo. It's all about hudson right now.



Bass_X0 said:

They've got to bring Parasol Stars over soon. I haven't played that game much but I love it. Far better than Bubble Bobble and a worthy sequel to Rainbow Islands.



DEMON212 said:

=They've got to bring Parasol Stars over soon. I haven't played that game much but I love it. Far better than Bubble Bobble and a worthy sequel to Rainbow Islands.

Someone's been reading my post in the forums

I personally think they all look really bad, and frankly, this is just more tat to keep me from the good games IMO.

Games like the above forementioned 3. BB, RI and PS.

__UKMF Diablo


UKMF Diablo said:

the hudson stuff just dosent appeal to me what so ever sorry guys...

its great that more and more titles are coming to vc though no matter who thier from IMO

so glad to see we have happy customers out there !



DEMON212 said:

But link, I already have Gradius (and will be getting 3), R-TYPE, R-TYPE III, Super Star Soldier and Soldier Blade. And on the 360 I have Galaga, Geo Wars, Mutant storm etc...

How many more shooters should I buy? I've got more than enough shooters and that's something I never thought i'd say because I love shooters. But there's just to many now.

I am happy that Hudson are supporting the VC as much and wish others would follow in there steps, but I just wish that they'd release more quality games.



link64 said:

Well a lot of the games released on the pc engine were shooters
especially on hucard once they start releaseing CD games we will get more different types of games.



E-dawg said:

Us poor Aussies, missing out on all these classics because Nintendo Australia wont give us some damn TG16 games. WHY?



DEMON212 said:

Edster, change your country to England. Then goto the VC. Enjoy

You don't lose any points or anything, and you can buy them in good old Aus.



Drake said:

You do lose points if you have any points on your account, I heard. So any Australians wanting to buy TG games: Get your balance to 0 first, then switch.



I don't have a Wii yet but the good thing is by the time I have one I will be spoilt for choice with all the VC games.

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