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Europe VC releases - 2nd March

Posted by Darren Calvert

Today Europe gets the following Virtual Console games:

Streets of Rage - Megadrive

Bio-Hazard Battle - Megadrive

Sword of Vermillion - Megadrive

Chew Man Fu - TurboGrafx-16

A average week for releases but not a bad one by any means. Top picks are Steets of Rage and Chew Man Fu!

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yeehaw said:

Dude, I just want Link to the Past. CMON!!! Why tha hell isn't Europe getting it?



Dazza said:

It is strange that Nintendo is holding out on Europe with LttP! Maybe they are making it 50Hz optimised (full speed not just reducing borders) - wouldn't that be worth the wait?



EmmaVB said:

All I see are 3 people sooking when they should be happy - Streets of Rage!



Dazza said:

LOL Emma, I am not sooking (sulking?) - SOR is a great game and makes this week's releases all the better. LttP will turn up in it's own time, patience everyone!!



i8cookie said:

no link to the past....... if it doesnt come out next week i'm gonna kill myself. jus kiddin



DEMON212 said:

SOR is the only one worth the points this week IMO. I bought it, loaded it up, plugged in to VC pads, beat it. That was an hour of my night last night

Despite only taking an hour it was well worth the money and I can't wait till my SOR mad mate gets back from Florida so we can go through it.

Bring on SOR 2 and 3 (with Roo! best SOR fighter ever).



Manaman said:

Did anyone honestly think they were gonna release LttP straight after Ocarina of Time?



Mendez said:

I was expecting Streets of Rage for some reason, but wasn't bothered buying it. But then I saw my brother playing it and it looked awesome! So I downloaded it along with Mario World last night and it is awesome!
I still want Kirby's Fun pak! I'll be satisfied when that comes out!



Kogaratsu said:

i thought the second one was the best,though the third one is believed to be the best version of all the three and is considerd a collector



i8cookie said:

"Did anyone honestly think they were gonna release LttP straight after Ocarina of Time?"

Well it came out bloody weeks and weeks ago in America, we're just sitting on our thumbs! OoT is a rubbish release, i have it with wind waker, so i can pop it into my wii and play it on there whenever i want withou spending £7!



Fal said:

Russ has a good point, though not everyone has that windwaker dual pack (ironically enough, i do.) A link to the past is a fantastic game, and all nintendo are doing by waiting to release it over here is losing out on mucho wii points.

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