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Your View: Wii Sports

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Bundled with the console, everyone should have an opinion on this one.

Wii finally launches and everyone should of booted up Wii Sports by now. Which does it best for you, Tennis? Boxing? Bowling? Golf? Baseball?

Have you tried Wii Fitness? Are you classed as an old man (ReInstall) or a fit athelete (pHaT-aNt_)?

Tell us about your experience with Wii Sports, what you think so far?

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ReInstall said:

I tried Wii Fitness once and am age 27! Thats just younger than the real me by the way

Scared to try it again...



Shitan said:

Wii Sports is absolutely great. I just played it with 2 friends for about 2,5h and we didn´t get tired. Bowling and Golf are definitely the best, since the feeling of the real games get´s through way better than with the other games. I nearly always hit a strike in Bowling
But my Wii Fitness age is 50 I´ll keep trying
Conclusion: Not all of them are great, but Golf and especially Bowling are awesome, especially as multiplayer games.
I even love the graphics!



Chuwero said:

The first time I tried it i came in at about seventy =( but now I'm down to thirty-four. My favorite game would have to be boxing just for the multi-player. =)



Masterless said:

Every game on multiplayer is great. It is most game played atm. Boxing is great with mates, Tennis is cool but I haven't worked out all the aiming just yet, Baseball is good but quite limited, Bowling is good again but it is just bowling (I'm not a massive fan), Golf is really nice, fun to get better at. Overall, awesome.



Nanaki said:

Tennis- This one has me a little dissapointed as, like Masterless, I am finding it hard to aim in the game.

Golf- Is probably the Wii sports game I have played the least. However I am rather impressed with it, the physics are great.

Boxing- Well, what can I say? This game is fantastic, I love it to bits. The controls arnt the greatest but its just awsome to slug away at your Wii

Bowling- It's quite cool and probably the most accurate of the sports games. I just feel though that there isint really much to it and I can't play it over and over.

Baseball- This is by far the longest of the Wii sports games and probably the hardest! I still havn't gotten myself a home -run, not to mention the fact I always seem to lose

Overall I think Wii sports is great concidering its bundled inside the Wii. There should be some way to compare acheivements online with friends though. You know like, I got x in bowling or x total home runs on my system. Stuff like that would be fun to have.

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