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Tue 3rd Jan 2006

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Masterless commented on E3 2008: WiiSpeak "Community" Microphone:

The distance could be a factor yeah but it would be good for a family in a communal environment. But in my house the living room isn't the quietest of places and I'm sure people wouldn't want to hear everything that goes on.
Maybe a little too late to join in on the online bandwagon.



Masterless commented on E3 2008: Wii Sports Resort:

Same here, but this doesn't really interest me too much. I understand they didn't want to make a game too close to the origianl Wii Sports but I wish they included some more mainstream sports, football for example. Frisby? It may turn out to be fun but doesn't interest me from the go.



Masterless commented on Review: LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adven...:

Is the subtitle to the review a reference to the Aqua song? If not then I've just shown up my knowledge of the "band".

Nice review though, I've always wondered what these games are like. Might pick it up on one console or another.



Masterless commented on Top Spin 3 Has Spun On To Wii:

The left handed issue isn't a rumour anymore - we lefties are not supported forcing us to use our right hands.
I don't use my right hand for anything really so I don't see how I will be able to do it, i tried on Wii Tennis and it was unplayable. I'll have to wait or another tennis game I guess.



Masterless commented on FreeLoader Disabled By Update:

As much I love their games, I really hate Nintendo.

They are so short sighted, and do not care about their customers at all. I respect their innotive stance on things but on others they are stuck in the middle ages and their arrogance in it is starting to piss me off.




Masterless commented on Capcom Say No To A Wii Street Fight:

LOL, she's let herself go a bit. Imagine that spinning bird kick of hers with those legs flying at you..

A PC version but no Wii? The Wii would sell alot more than a PC game, really, who buys a fighting game on a PC?



Masterless commented on Sam & Max Heading To Wii:

I have these on the PC already so won't be getting this as its a bit late. Maybe with the success of this, they will remake 'Hit the Road', possible you think?



Masterless commented on Shenmue 1 & 2 Coming To The Wii?:

Isn't this the game that played in real time? So if you needed to go to a certain place such as a shop you had to wait a few hours for it to open.

it always sounded interesting but never really had chance to play it, or a Saturn/Dreamcast - which ever one it was.



Masterless commented on Wii Fit Made Me Cry:

Don't blame the game, BMI is not a perfect system. It does work though, when you use it with a little intelligence. Just like you said, they should use their eyes.



Masterless commented on Review: Pro Evolution Soccer 2008:

I'm suprised I thought this would be rated really low after seeing a short video of it being played. It looked really complicated. I'm glad thats not the case. Already having the xbox 360 port on the pc I'm not sure about this.
Like you say its something new but I don't know which way of playing I would prefer. How about you?



Masterless commented on Review: Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Tre...:

Just ordered a copy. Just doing my bit
I'm loving the idea and can not wait for it to arrive. I was hoping this would push sequels for games like Monkey Island but I guess we will have to wait.

BTW: I got the game for £26.94. Bargain. Go to and at the checkout use the code PP-02-DISCOUNT to get 2% off (only 55p but it all adds up)



Masterless commented on Do You Want Worms?:

Tried to enter anyway.

"Only legal residents of the fifty (50) United States (and the District of Columbia) who are eighteen (18) years of age or older and located in the United States at the time of entry are eligible to enter. "



Masterless commented on Do You Want Worms?:

Oh this could have been a great game, sadly THQ make it terrible in two quick swifts.

No online multiplayer = dreadful
Trajectory lines showing where projectiles will land = WTF!



Masterless commented on Review: No More Heroes:

"many jumped to the conclusion that No More Heroes would allow you to swing this compelling piece of weaponry around, but sadly that isn’t the case. Control in No More Heroes is actually quite straightforward; hacking and slashing is performed by simply pressing A, stuns and throws are assigned to B and movement is governed by the Nunchuk’s analogue stick."

Copied and pasted straight from the review.



Masterless commented on Gameboy Comes Back From The Dead:

I had a ago at making one of these papercraft things, without the gameboy. It turned out ok but not very sturdy. Well done to whoever it was that made this, its harder than it looks.



Masterless commented on Wii TV Channel:

I think I read somewhere that the tv guide wouldn't be coming to other countries other than Japan because they have a singular guide provider and everyone else has many more. I'm sure of that as I can't remember at all.

And is changing the channel really possible?

Other than all my disbelief, it sounds pretty cool.



Masterless commented on Wii Fit Haters: Read This:

I've always loved the idea of wii fit.
Through reading the article though I see what you mean about Kotaku not liking the Wii, it almost seems as though he wanted to hate it. Why would anyone be like that?



Masterless commented on Reggie: "No European Brawl 'Till Autumn":

I still wish I imported a US Wii and this sort of thing wouldn't happen. I don't mind too much it isn't too hard to wait. Its not like there are a lack of games to play in the meantime (if you open you eyes).

I haven't got Zelda yet, if you just ignore all the initial hype its really easy and you can easily spread the brilliant games out; just like Nintendo plan to do.

And yeah region-free is a must for the next generation of consoles.



Masterless commented on Uh-oh! Wii Pay And Play...:

Because I'm a tightwad this sounds terrible. The cheapness of the Wii was one of the major reasons I got one.
However, I haven't bothered to invest in any online games because of the lack of them and noone has realy praised the service. Maybe with the money they can get with "Pay and Play" they can afford to make it better....yeah because Nintendo are broke and need this extra revenue.....



Masterless commented on DJ Hero In The Pipeline? Chica-chica.:

I don't see it working, although I wouldn't have though Guitar Hero would be such a hit either. DJing is a lot harder than playing the guitar (at least at the dummed down GH level) and it would'nt work that well.



Masterless commented on Surgeons Could Benefit From Playing Wii:

If Trauma Centre was real life the nurse would be telling you to pick uo the laser yourself! That's something that always annoyed me, the nurse does what the doctor tells her. Although I would be one of those doctors who thinks they're god.



Masterless commented on "Third Party Games Don't Sell":

The thing is when a Nintendo game comes around you'll more than likely me interested in buying it. The games they release aren't that frequent but when they come around I know Nintendo has spent time on them. It's all about reputation.
I don't know about this No More heroes game, other than it graphically it looks BAD (I know that doesn't define a game but at least try) or even the company. All they need to do is make a good game, a game that Nintendo themselves would be proud of and then have the big N say "we endorse it" and they woulnd't have anything to complain about.

Excuse my writings I have had a little liquid full of evil gremlings called alcohols.



Masterless commented on Review: Contra 4:

Wow I hadn't heard of any sequels since Probotector (Contra) on the SNES. I'm definitely getting this and donating all my time to it as it sounds like it needs it.
I'm so glad the developers didn't cave in at make it a game for the so called casual market. I always remember the series being difficult and a real achievement to complete it.
I would have liked a wi-fi co-op mode however. That was always fun.



Masterless commented on Nintendo Breaking Patent Law With The Wiimote?:

so their patent is basically for wireless controllers? give me a break. Wireless is technology and everything will need it in future, it is not innotive or original just the next step in technoligical evolution. I hate Patents! Maybe they are ok if your idea is completely original and no one has ever though of it, but wireless controllers; I thought of them 20 years ago when my controller cord wasn't long enough, maybe I should have got a patent and stopped progress for the future.

I hate patents!



Masterless commented on Review: The Golden Compass:

Personally I think the books are better than the whole Harry Potter thing and are well worth a read and the game shouldn't put off that.

As for the game I'm quite dissapointed. Ever the optimist I thought this may be a little like Kameo on the xbox which I never actually got to play. I knew it would be easy but thats what difficulty settings are for. The book can be read by adults in my opinioln, so why not make the game in the same vain.
Oh well, there's always 'The Subtle Knife' move tie-in.



Masterless commented on Review: NBA Live 08:

I'm really suprised. When I saw images of it before it came out they looked great, they were probably a 360 or PS3 version then. I was looking forward to revive the old PS1 basketball days when it first came out. I guess I'll have to look elsewhere.



Masterless commented on Review: Honeycomb Beat:

It looks like Blockbusters to me! Can I have a B please Bob
I like the look of it but then again I like most of the DS puzzle titles partly why I love the DS so much.
NIce review, I wouldn't have heard of this without it probably.



Masterless commented on No Wii Hard Drive. Period. (For Now?):

Most drives are plug and play, I'm sure it will cross over to the Wii. An official drive would be easy and it would make them money so I can't see why not.
Do we think Nintendo actually believe what they are saying? That people want to waste time and bandwidth redownloading games they have already downloaded before. Delluded Nintendo as usual; they really have no sense when it comes to online. "People don't want online games"...



Masterless commented on A Brief History Of The Light Gun On Nintendo:

I've never heard of the Super Scope, I'm glad I didn't it was huge! The original Zapper was great though, I used to carry it around with me outside of the house to look "cool", I'm pretty sure that I achieved the look...
It was a great gun though, I remember the noise that the trigger made when it finally clicked down all the way.
All there have been better light guns, the Zapper will forever be in my heart. Now I'm going to check ebay

Nice feature, great idea too



Masterless commented on Okami Wii-Bound:

I'm pretty tempted to get it for my PS2 instead of waiting for a Wii version. Oh what to do!?



Masterless commented on Nanostray 2 Announced:

I can't even complete a single level on the first one, and I've tried numerous times! I'm not that bad a gamer. I find it it too hard and know it will only get harder. So unless this will be easier I'll give it a miss.