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The action starts here?.Its sports night and everyone is invited.

Wii Sports offers 5 fantastic sports games each using the unique Wii remote to provide a realistic and natural feel to your gaming experience. A great sports night with Wii sports will include: Tennis, grab the Wii remote like a racket and swing. The Wii remote will register forehands, backhands, volleys, lobs and much more. You can play against the compute or invite your friends for a game of doubles. Baseball grip your Wii remote like a bat to swat fastballs out of the park, or fire a fastball at your friends, with the flick of your wrist. Golf step up to the tee and grip your Wii remote like a golf club, swing naturally to smack the ball onto the green and then you'll need your putting skills. Bowling raise your Wii remote as you would a real bowling ball, and then it is all down to the speed of your swing and angle used.

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Posted by Jason Joo

Nintendo's first pack-in title in nearly over a decade is a lot of fun. Period.

A great launch title for the Nintendo Wii has proven to be Wii Sports, not only because it's fun even among non-gamers, but it comes free packaged with the Wii (except in Japan). Wii Sports isn't the most complex game, but it isn't meant to be the...

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ds_lover59440 said:

Wii Sports is a fun game but after a long time this game gets boring so, duh! I hardly play this game at all! Only my Dad does. ):



andrew20 said:

I think it a fun game with lots of replay value
my favorite is boxing and the training challenges of boxing.
scores on my review
boxing 8.7/10 main 10/10 training
bowling 8.69/10 main 8/10 training
tennis 8.69/10 main 9/10 training
baseball 8.5/10 main 7.8/10 training
golf 5/10 main 6.7/10 training
total score 8/10 main 9.1/10 training

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