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Mon 27th Nov 2006

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Shitan commented on Manhunt 2 Rejected By BBFC:

It´s true that games don´t "happen" in the place we usually call "reality". But it´s still us, real human beings, who are playing these games. And we are part of the thing we call reality, as opposition to the "ficticious world". So we are the ones who form the link between reality and fiction. Even more: we create that fiction, then we immerse ourselves in it.
That being said, let´s try this from a more self-reflective standpoint:

Why do you like violence?

Why do you like to play violent games?

Why would you rather simulate violence actively yourself than just watching violence in a movie?

Why do people jump up joyously everytime a publisher announces "the goriest game ever"?
Why do you think a violent game is more fun than a non-violent game? (You haven´t even tried Manhunt 2, it might suck, from a pure quality standpoint)

If there´s no limit censorship is allowed to set: what about a game where you got rewarded for the main goal of raping and eating children? If someone programmed it and was trying to get it released, would that have to be released as well, without any form of censorship? In order to keep your freedom of choice intact?



Shitan commented on SSX Blur Cover Art:

On they actually have a preview and 4 new videos, one of them an interview with a developer.



Shitan commented on Your View: Zelda Twilight Princess:

Ok, I´m going very straight for it: this is the most polished gameplay experience I´ve ever had. And I dare say that about only 4h of Gameplay. Undescribable, it doesn´t even fell like a Videogame but like something completely new, transcending everything we´ve got to know so far in gaming.
Anyone agrees?



Shitan commented on Your View: Wii Sports:

Wii Sports is absolutely great. I just played it with 2 friends for about 2,5h and we didn´t get tired. Bowling and Golf are definitely the best, since the feeling of the real games get´s through way better than with the other games. I nearly always hit a strike in Bowling
But my Wii Fitness age is 50 I´ll keep trying
Conclusion: Not all of them are great, but Golf and especially Bowling are awesome, especially as multiplayer games.
I even love the graphics!



Shitan commented on HMV Chosen As Partner For Wii Launch:

My local videogames store told me they already have accepted over 70 preorders, but that they´ll only be able to deliver 8 systems the first day.
So I went to a drugstore, which also sells videogames and asked there. They told me they would be getting the same amount of Wiis on December 8th, but that they hadn´t received any preorders so far and they could reserve one for me, altogether with Zelda, which they will only be able to sell 5 times on launch day. I was so happy, especially when I realized the drugstore was just about 30 metres away from the infamous video game store...



Shitan commented on Wii AV Hardware Guide:

I use my 20" Dell Widescreen computer display for video games too (I do not own a TV and am not planning on buying one). It has the following connections: DVI, VGA, S-Video and Composite. The best way to connect the Wii directly with a cable would be S-Video, which has been announced at least for Japan.
But how about displaying a component signal via VGA? This should definitely work with some sort of adapter, even with 480p and progressive scan. Do you have any information on this and if yes, what setup would you recommend me? If you do not happen to have any helping information, do you know where i could get it?
I definitely would like to have a crisp and clear pitcture on my 1680x1050 monitor, especially with the Wii (I can´t wait any longer )
Thanks a lot!