The details posted last week explain a little more as to what we should expect from Square Enix's latest Dragon Quest Heroes DS title.

Stretch, spring and shoot through the once peaceful kingdom of Slimenia as Rocket, the hero of the latest title from the legendary developers of the DRAGON QUEST series.

Simple, streamlined controls allow players of all ages to bounce right in to the quest to Square Enix Summer line-up rescue a colorful cast of 100 slimes. Hand-pick a crack team of slimes to help you in the heated tank battles, or enjoy Wireless DS Multi-Card action with up to 4 players. The DS Single-Card Download play feature also allows up to 16 players to enjoy the game at once.

Tanks are also customizable by collecting a vast array of weapons and items, and then exploiting the powers of alchemy to create rarer and even stronger ammunition. Utilize the dual screen feature to view the menus and the action simultaneously during adventure sections, and get a unique view both inside and outside the tanks during battle sections. Only Rocket can uncover the truth and save the slime habitants of the city of Boingburg!

And of course, the boss had something to say Square Enix aswell:

"This summer, Square Enix is releasing titles that will truly appeal to all audiences," said Daishiro Okada, President and COO, Square Enix, Inc. "The line-up brings new titles for some of Square Enix's most beloved series with games for casual and young gamers, as well as gamers 'on the go,' the revival of a cult hit, a new take on a renowned franchise and the ability to play together. We're excited about providing entertainment that will bring in new fans as well as delight our existing ones."

Along with the upcoming DS Dragon Quest Heroes offering, Square Enix will also be releasing a Wii title later this year, we'll keep you posted on both.

[via nintendo.com]