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Dragon Quest® Heroes: Rocket Slime™ is the latest game from the creative minds behind the 2006 RPG classic, Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King™.

Prepare to immerse yourself in this unique, action-packed quest, available exclusively for the Nintendo DS™. The hero of our tale is a slime-one of the most popular monsters from the Dragon Quest series-known as Rocket. The adventure stages consist of our hero bouncing and stretching, as well as carrying various objects on his head, while solving the mysteries behind each area, and rescuing his captured slime friends along the way. Then, each stage culminates in a fierce tank battle, providing for an action-adventure experience the likes of which have never been seen before!

The game is set in the kingdom of Slimenia, a peaceful land that is suddenly invaded by a mysterious cartel called “the Plob,” who then proceed to kidnap all the slimes in the capital city of Boingburg. Our protagonist, Rocket, is the only slime left behind, and must embark on a journey throughout Slimenia to save his friends and uncover the Plob’s nefarious plot.

Rescue a colorful cast of 100 unique slimes and call upon them to aid you in the heated tank battles. Each ally has its own individual personality and abilities, allowing you to customize your battle strategy.

Explore puzzle-filled levels as you encounter an array of monsters familiar from the Dragon Quest series. Customize your tanks by collecting a vast array of weapons and items, and then exploit the powers of alchemy to create rarer and even stronger ammunition. The DS’s dual-screen technology allows you to view the menus and the action simultaneously during adventure sections, and gives a unique view both inside and outside the tanks during battle sections.

Simple, streamlined controls allow players of all ages to bounce right in.

Challenge friends in an intense multiplayer mode that allows up to 4 players to duel against one another with the Nintendo DS wireless play feature.

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Pastry said:

I accidentally sold this at a Hastings a while back. They didn't even pay me for it.

P.S. Yea! First Comment.



koopa85 said:

I remember playing this game a few years back and man this game had me hooked from start to finish.

@ pie4prez
Coincidentally I also sold my copy to a Hastings for some reason, but I regret it now.



Blink said:

I've played this game through at least three times, absolutely charming.



Geonjaha said:

At first glance this game may look 'childish' and easy, but It is amazingly addictive and is some of the best fun I've had on the DS. Multiplayer keeps it enjoyable - even after I've beaten the game a few times

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