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Wii Under £150?

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Nintendo UK confirm that the UK retail price for Wii will be "in-line" with the US and Japanese prices.

Nintendo UK have spoken about the UK retail price, well not officially or anything, but to EuroGamer.

Yesterday, Nintendo announced that the Wii will cost ¥25,000 or less and $250 or less when it goes on sale later this year - the equivalent of around £120 and £135. A spokesperson has since told our sister site,, that "UK pricing will be in line with Japan and the US."

However, like EuroGamer, we expect the price to be a little inflated because of VAT and other import costs, that puts the Wii at around £150.


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Masterless said:

£149.99 - I guess I'll pay that. To be honest I'd pay £200 but I feel alot happier about this.



DarkHadou said:

same here ill spend £300 on lauch so watever that gets me ill be happy(well as long as it gets me a Wii,zelda metroid^^)



Masterless said:

I've been thinking. Nintendo have stated that it "will not exceed $250 in America" which means £130 is a maximum (give or take).
As the wii in the eyes of a casual gamer or parent isn't the best most advanced in terms of graphics/sound/power Nintendo may set the price lower than this maximum to entice that area.

I wouldn't be suprised to see it at around £110~115. How many people can say no to a brand new console at that price even if they already have a 360 and/or PS3.



Nanaki said:

But then there can be the trouble of having a price that is too cheap. I reckon £150 is a totally agreeable price, any less would be great, but I am fine with £150 ^^



antdickens said:

Yeah, sorry to disapoint Masterless, but I'd be really really suprised to see it launch less than £149.99 - remember thats only £50 more than the DS Lite! Putting a console only £15 over a handheld would be stupid



Ed_Rush said:

Didn't the Gamecube launch at ¥25,000 / £130 ?

Nintendo are staying end user friendly.

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