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United Kingdom

Wed 1st Feb 2006

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DarkHadou commented on DS Snags Dragon Quest IX:

this is great news ive always been a fan of RPG's on handhelds so this will be some great gaming to look forward to in the future



DarkHadou commented on UK Wii Sells 50,000 In 12 Hours:

if theres 1 thing i can say from working in a game store is that most people buying the Wii are adults and most are like buying 3 games with each console, its taken me back a little tbh. I wont even start on DSlites at the mo were selling like 15 a day its like NintendoMania atm



DarkHadou commented on Two New Japanese DS Adverts:

i love the graphic style of pokemon d/p battle scenes could have been better but this game is gonna kick ass and the fact u can trade and battle of the net is even better



DarkHadou commented on Latest Wii Rumours:

well this would be cool but lets face its Nintendo and they would milk money out of anything and plus it would cut costs without it as well
im thinking it has something to do with the DS like downloading new content/levels for ds games and stuff like that



DarkHadou commented on Miyamoto Talks Galaxy:

it sounds interesting, and i like that they are taking different steps with each game. to be honest this is going to be great and as with the N64 controller will show other developers along with the public how tho use the controller to its fullest.

maybe this is why sunshine wasn't as great cause the GC controller was just a redesigned N64 controller with nothing new to it so nothing brand new in gameplay wise.



DarkHadou commented on Wii Under £150?:

same here ill spend £300 on lauch so watever that gets me ill be happy(well as long as it gets me a Wii,zelda metroid^^)



DarkHadou commented on Reggie For President:

lol who knows maybe cause hes the only western person who understands nintendo when speaking to the press, like us the fan boys?



DarkHadou commented on Wii Will Launch Under $250:

with the 360 games going to 44.99 and 39.99 soon they would have to be around the 39.99/34.99
As for the price of the Wii I say £169.99 for the Wii sounds right