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The Story Behind Nintendo ON

Posted by Anthony Dickens talk to the mastermind behind the 2005 Nintendo ON video and reveal all of its secrets.

Casting your mind back to the weeks leading up to E3 2005 you may remember a video, a video that sent tingles all the way from your head, down your spine and into your toes. Nintendo ON was probably the most convincing Nintendo fake ever.

In an article originally posted last year, talks to the Spanish artist known as "Psyco3leR" who was the brains behind the video and explains the painful process which lead to its creation.

"Unbelievably, he created the Nintendo On video from scratch, by himself, in a matter of days. The project culminated in a marathon five-day work session that ultimately left Belmonte sick in bed from the extensive mental and physical exhaustion. He didn't sleep much that week, that's for sure."

The video received huge attention at the time, all across the globe people wanted to believe. Had Nintendo really created such an impression Revolution in video games? Surely this video can't be fake?

"Most remarkable, however, is probably the fact that Nintendo was actually taken aback. "...I think our reaction at the time was unanimous -- this video is pretty impressive!" said Perrin Kaplan, vice president of marketing and corporate affairs at Nintendo of America. "The production quality showed that a lot of hard work went into it. It's easy to see why people assumed there's a chance it could be real and from Nintendo."

Those that remember the video should certainly checkout the entire article, it includes an in depth production time line of the Nintendo ON video, mock ups and other images. For those that didn't see the video, or just wish to see it again:

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Full_Metal_Chemist said:

It is quite amazing to think that a single guy did it. I can only wonder what his motivation was. After 3 hours of doing something I am about ready to go run around outside in circles.



The_Stig said:

That must of been a nightmare! I get bored of coding after about 8 hours maximum then I get bored and come back about 2 days later

I was one who wished it was real.



Masterless said:

I didn't see it until ReInstall posted the other week. I love it, and hope Nintendo do employ him, because if you do that same style with an advert for the wii and release it on tv etc. it really will entise gamers and the normal folk.
I really want a Nintnedo ON and I know its fake!



Nanaki said:

While I liked the video, I hated the headset idea. The guy should get a job at Nintendo, thats for sure!

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