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Uwe Boll Set To Direct Metal Gear Movie?

Posted by Anthony Dickens

He's done it again, that legendary director claims hes all set to flop a Metal Gear movie.

Only a few days after the onslaught of criticism on the BloodRayne movie, it seems Metal Gear fans need to be locked and loaded to shoot down the prospect of Uwe Boll directing a Metal Gear movie.

"1UP confirmed with the director today that Boll has been reading a Metal Gear Solid script commissioned by Konami to an unnamed writer. Boll wasn't able to provide any details because he's too busy preparing to destroy more beloved game franchises with terrible films, so it's unconfirmed whether Konami's aiming for a straight adaptation of the game series or an original adventure, but he did confirm the film's only in the script stage, so there's still time for Konami to come to its senses.

As of this writing, Konami representatives couldn't be reached to confirm any details about a possible Metal Gear Solid film because they all fled in horror when they heard that Boll could become attached to the project, but it'd be incredibly bold for Boll to start spouting lies about a script, and we all know the man can't create well-done fiction."

Another game movie, another bad choice by Konami. Hopefully this won't actually happen, its not officially attached to the project yet, but he IS reading the script. Lets all hope that Snake sorts him out.


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Nanaki said:

Its ok when a franchise I have no feelings towards gets butchered... but not when its one of the best games about! Someone send Konami the Bloodrayne reviews!



Masterless said:

It might not be all bad. MGS is very much like a movie anyway and has the storyline to make it as a movie unlike most others. Whether or not they stay true to it is the decider. So it probably will be bad then.



The_Stig said:

All game-to-movie or movie-to-game are all a waste of money, there isn't one film that's worth watching a few times, once is enough with them all.

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