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Play wacky microgames with friends and show off your WarioWare creations on the big screen with WarioWare: Do It Yourself - Showcase, the perfect companion to WarioWare: Do It Yourself on Nintendo DS!

This game allows you to transfer microgames, music and comics from the Nintendo DS version to enjoy on your Wii console, using the Wii Remote instead of the Nintendo DS stylus. Also included are a selection of exclusive microgames that you can play on the TV or transfer to the Nintendo DS game to take with you on the go.

Last but not least, you can share microgames with your friends via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection; so everyone can experience the craziness that is WarioWare!

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

A nice little added bonus.

We've just recently seen the release of WarioWare D.I.Y. for the DS system which lets players design, play, and share their own unique microgame creations. But for those who feel like enjoying even more of the same, not to mention the ability to play and...

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User Comments (11)



JulioMorataya said:

@Angaran It costs 800 Nintendo Points, as for the DS version it has the same price as a regular game...

Does anyone knows if the WiiWare version supports downloading the new puzzles via Nintendo Wi Fi connection directly or does it has to be done by using the DS version ?? It can't seem to find if the Japanese version did...



Porky said:

How is the release date for NA still "To be Announced"? It was announced a month ago! Downloadable March 29, 2010.



Angaran said:

So you need friend codes to see others creations?
Sorry I'm just a little confused!



edhe said:

I don't suppose you're able to direct the little bits inbetween each microgame, because that would have been even more awesome.



SuperDude95 said:

@ Julio
Don't worry, you don't need a DS to see new microgames. "Although there will only be 2 games added each week, not counting the games made by "Big Names"."



JulioMorataya said:


Thanks, and I've also read on the Nintendo site's game description that you can download NinSoft Microgames from WFC using the Wii version... so, it's confirmed



sfog said:

It looks like official games from Nintendo/NinSoft have ended in the US for this now, with the last Weekly Games on March 7th, last Big Name Games on January 3rd, and last Theme Contest Games (#15, Sound) as of April 30th...

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