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Prepare to experience the intensity of a real Texas Hold’em poker tournament! Whether you’re a poker novice or veteran, you’ll enjoy Tournament, Cash Game, and Heads-up mode with simple and fun Wii Remote controls.

Hit the tables as one of 6 fun and charismatic characters, or import your own Mii to really put on your poker face. Take on the world’s most prestigious casinos - from Monaco to New York - and challenge opponents that won’t hesitate to taunt or comment on your playing style, creating a very realistic poker atmosphere!

Or you can impress friends with wild poker parties thanks to an Online mode that allows you to play with up to 5 friends and create your own tournaments, in addition to joining official Gameloft tournaments. You can even challenge random online opponents of any skill level you want.

Even if you’ve never played poker before, you can learn all the rules and strategy with the Advanced Tutorial that teaches you everything from winning hands and betting to bluffing.

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Posted by Sean Aaron

Can't read my, can't read my poker face, p-p-poker face!

Apologies to Lady Gaga (well, actually to everyone reading this who may have heard that song and will now have it stuck in their heads), but you will be wondering exactly that after playing any amount of the latest Texas Hold 'em game from Gameloft.Before...

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User Comments (15)



Terra said:

Gameloft are more trustworthy than Digital Leisure, so I expect this to be better, although it would need online multi to have a chance at that.



jhuhn said:

I wouldn't download this version, since it only has 5 players and worth more on Wii points.



Gabbo said:

I agree with Bass X0. This is a ripoff of Sexy Poker!

But seriously I'm holding off judgment until we see the review. After all, Texas Hold Em is public domain. Anyone has the right to make a game in this genre and this one may be coming out later simply because they spent more time getting it right.



HEMIII said:

Um... YES we need a better poker game. Hopefully NA will get this soon. The blinds sucked and you could only play tourney style this game brings cash games and heads up to the table. I can't wait to download this one when it comes to the NA. Hopefully the blind levels are alot longer in the tournies and it offers better attire in the store if they have one. This one looks graphically better too.



brooks83 said:

Tournament isn't perfect, but unless this game does something spectacular I don't see a reason to download a 2nd Texas hold em game



Chriso said:

I've played it and it's good
Needs more people online though....
C'mon peoples, 600pts=bargain



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Wait... the game has online? Sweet. Also, things look a bit more fleshed out when compared with Texas Hold'em Tournament. Looking forward to reading the review on this one.



plankton88 said:

Texas Hold'em Tournament is way too slow. It takes forever for people to call and bet. Te animation is sluggish and I just hate pointing my wiimote all the time. All you really need is to call raise and fold. A D-Pad and 1 and 2 buttons will suffice just fine. The Miis just look akward. Maybe this one plays better.
The best case would be a wiiware game like HB cards, but done right with several cards games, more rules and options and online play. I would pay 1000 points easily for that.



plankton88 said:

Oh I would throw in a nother 500 pints for wii-speak incorporated too. Cants have a good card game without some chit chat!



Pagansadog said:

This online game is ten times quicker to get started with a game then the other poker game for Wii. For instances you will only wiat about a minute for an online game vs. 1 hour for the other.

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