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Rainbow Islands: Towering Adventure! is a new installment in the classic Rainbow Islands franchise.

As part of the Bubble Bobble series, the game features slightly similar gameplay. You play as Bubby or Bobby (Or both, with a friend) and have to make your way to the top of multiple long, vertical stages with the aid of rainbows, which you can create.

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Posted by James Newton

Is there a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow?

So there you are, transformed from a bubble-blowing dinosaur into human form again, ready to start your life afresh – maybe get a flat, a new car and settle into a good routine. But then, before you can say "9 to 5", you gain the ability to...

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User Comments (17)



worrybomb said:

I was never really a huge fan of the Rainbow Island series. Granted I only played one installment (Bubble Bobble Playstation One port) but it never really caught my attention as much as Bubble Bobble. I am though interested in Parasol Stars once it makes its way to the VC in NA.

As far as RIT goes, here's hoping it's a little bit more decent than the recent Rainbow Island ports.



WiiMan192 said:

I'm sorry to say that I've never heard of this series, but it sounds interesting...



Bass_X0 said:

Rainbow Islands is a classic and you should look it up right now - its on one of the Taito collection titles on the PS2.



Corbs said:

I've always been a big fan of the Rainbow Islands game so the idea of a new title for WiiWare is quite exciting for me personally.



Jack_Package said:

Oh my God. What have they done.... Bubby and Bobby just look ....wrong
It better have sommat to do with Mii support, or I'll be disgusted.



Terra said:

I'm one of those who prefers Rainbow Islands, so this'll be a day one purchase for me



While I love Rainbow Islands (I played both Bubble Bobble and Rainbow Islands extensively on the NES), own both games on the Saturn, PS2, and have the NES version of Bubble Bobble on the VC, and even have an interest in the WiiWare Bubble Bobble game, this version looks particularly ugly.

I'm sorry, it really does. But so did the DS and PSP versions, for that matter. I'm perfectly content with what I have of this game on my collections.

When you make a game LOOK like shovelware, at least graphic-wise, especially a remake of something you already own, it's hard to be interested.

Potential buyers better hope they put more soul into the other aspects, or at the very least, not butcher the gameplay. Even if that's intact, you've still got a good-playing UGLY Rainbow Islands on your hands, instead of a good-playing attractive one.

I'm going to assume they're adding in 2P simultaneous play for this. I doubt that'd be too great with this game, though. Too many "Contra" falls and incidental rainbows in close quarters, I bet. Unless they change the game around, and they'd probably make it too easy then.

Still, I don't really care. Rainbow Islands is great though, so Bubble Bobble fans should give it a try. Yes, they're part of the same series, and yes, Bubble Bobble is a legendary two-player experience that must be played, but it's best not to compare them.

Now Parasol Stars, that's somewhat mediocre which is why most of you have probably never played it. It's never been re-released much. New Zealand StoryKiwi Kraze kicks ass though, play that. I'd avoid those DSPSP remakes though, they're probably all lousy. Just emulate or get Taito Legends 1.



Adam said:

I guess this means we aren't getting the original on VC.
This doesn't look so bad though, I don't guess.



Ender said:

Rainbow Islands DS was disapointing. The controls were awful.
Now this looks kinda okay but honestly, why don't they just release the original?




This modernised wiiware version doesn't really do anything for me...though I have respect for the whole Rainbow Island series of the past...



Chris_Neilson said:

Ok player say: too tallest (rainbow tower) 650 stories. I planning to make a Rainbow Tower on gamemaker. I need texture 32x32 image for platformer, wall and background. Player maybe top of out of space. Player trie climb up all time, need rest.

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