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Unlock the secrets of the stars and journey into celestial bodies to explore the mysteries of the universe in this new game which will allow you to venture into the stars from the comfort of your living room.

Using the Wii Remote, players will be able to navigate through three game modes. Observation Mode introduces stargazers to approximately 20,000 celestial objects up to stars of the 7th magnitude. You can change different settings like displaying the latitude and longitude of constellations, how fast time elapses, and more in a journey into the heavens.

In Planetarium Mode, players can take 11 different tours that cover various subjects like stars, nebulae, constellations, and other celestial objects.

The Celestial Guidebook contains detailed information and mythology on distant objects and constellations as well as a helpful glossary of astronomy terms used in observation.

Come; take a deep long look into the mysterious stars that fill the sky in My Starry Night - a game where you can enjoy looking at the night sky in a fun and informative way.

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Posted by James Newton

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Hudson's My Starry Night (or My Planetarium in North America) is very much the celestial cousin to their earlier WiiWare effort My Aquarium. It’s surprisingly informative, moderately entertaining and at a low enough price that it might entice you to...

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Maxsh said:

If this game is rubbish, and the review tagline isn't "Waste of Space" I'm suing you for lying about every staff member having a degree in punnery.



RantingThespian said:

I got it, and it's not bad. Also, I was surprised with all the musical choices you get. You can select to view the stars from all over the globe, turn atmosphere on and off, zoom in and out, see constellation lines, or shapes, or none at all. They explain all the "lingo" and tell you at least a few things, if not a lot about everything you can look at. If you are a fan of star gazing, I suggest on getting it. I find it quite enjoyable.

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