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High Voltage Hot Rod Show is a slick and fast-paced racer that challenges up to four players to tear up the track on a variety of off-road courses, mastering death-defying stunts and building enough Boost to stomp the competition. Players must learn to tame their monster Hot Rods by nailing ramps, power slides, bunny hops and tricks while avoiding mud pits and smashing through Boost Rings to fill their Boost Meters. Players can compete against seven CPU opponents in Championship mode or set their best lap times in the time trials. Top times can be uploaded to an online scoreboard via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection* and shared with players around the world. Multiplayer supports up to four players in split-screen mode, giving each player a wide range of controller choices.

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Posted by Spencer McIlvaine

Will this highly anticipated WiiWare racer take pole position, or will it merely drive us to distraction?

High Voltage Hot Rod Show is all about taking control of large trucks and racing them against each other, which is all well and good. However, because of certain game design choices, the trucks themselves handle more like a cross between an R/C car and a...

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AlexSays said:

Five racers? No online?
Usually I'm not one to clamor for online multiplayer, but it's essential in a game like this.
Racing against the computer is only fun for so long, and most people aren't with friends 24/7.

But the game doesn't look good anyway.
I'm not sure we'll ever see a good racer on WiiWare.



WiiMan192 said:


Agreed. Seriously, we need some good racers on WiiWare. Even so, are we being judgmental on a game that isn't released yet just because of the failure that was SPOGS? Probably. As for if we are right, only time will tell :)



Garrett said:

OH BOY 6 TRACKS 5 RACERS! i cant wait for this game its going to be awesome [kidding] also @mr. cheez WOW no online well not im not going to even read the reviews now :p



CanisWolfred said:

Could be fun, but chances are I'll only play it far a day or two and then forget about it, like all my other racers.



-TR said:

Unless it's under 600 Points, I won't be buying this.



tatemon555 said:

I hope it's good, because it looks good, and is backed up with lots of hype.
@-TR: WTF? No good racing game, or any good game for that matter, is worth under 600 points! Are you mad? If you want a racing game for 500 points, get Excitebike, or else you have no hope.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Yeah, that's stretching it...

Why couldn't they incorporate full-fledged online play? No WiiWare racer has done that. I bet it would be worth 1000 Points at that price if they did it well.

Oh well. At least there's SOME Wi-fi support. I hope for their sakes this turns out good. It appeals to me and I'll most certainly give it a try if I hear good things from you guys or in the review.



AVahne said:

it would be better with online but at least it doesn't look half-assed like SPOGS did



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Yep yep! :)
They explained in their interview that Online integration would take much more time especially with coding, adapting to Nintendo's WFC Standards etc. But yeah, graphics are solid and it seems great. Has anyone tried it yet?



StarDust4Ever said:

@koto: No, there is nothing half-@$$ed about SPOGS, because it has no @$$ at all! Unless that is, you consider it as being a turd from the @$$ of Wiiware (which is exactly what it is) - LOL!



Tornado_Man said:

Just so everyone knows, Hot Rod Show is awesome, but short. Its a must have if you've got multiplayer peeps around. For the single guys and gals... if you're rich (like, if you have TENS of dollars) then I'd consider picking it up. Especially if you like time attack. You'll finish it in about an hour or two, but the game is really well done, so you might come back to have some fun every now and again.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Thanks! You just helped convince me even more!

And yeah, I'm a heavy TA'er so I'll enjoy the Leaderboards. :D

Length isn't a huge prob since the main sources of RV are Time Trials & playing with 2-4 People. Multiplayer focus was a given anyway.



MexicanJonny10 said:

you guys who commented at the beggining really misunderstood this game, it is an awesome little racer game and even if it has no online play, it still holds a lot of replay value for me



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Yeah, it shouldn't be mentioned in the same sentence as SPOGS Racing. Despite the lack of online play, it's actually quite ambitious!

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