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Set in a colorful world the challenge may look simple but Equilibrio tests not only your reflexes but the old gray matter and is in perfect synergy with Wii.

The basic concept of getting your ball to the exit pod to finish the level is turned upside down, literally, as you use your Wii Remote or Wii Balance Board to rotate the play area varying degrees in either direction. Players carefully, skillfully move the spinning ball through corridors, along ledges to complete levels that are fraught with dangers. Move the ball too fast and it can shatter, leaving you to pick up the pieces and restart the level. Go too slow and the ‘equilibrio’ of the ball will not be powerful enough to spring to the desired spot!

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Equiibrio might not have the flash of a Kororinpa, but you're still getting an enjoyable game at a much cheaper price.

While we've already seen several 3D ball-rolling titles like Sega's Super Monkey Ball and Hudson's Kororinpa put the tilt function of the Wii Remote to good use, Equilibrio marks the first time this unique gameplay experience has been used in a 2D...

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User Comments (39)




wow... comparing it to a different game thats not even similar?
Different developer, different graphics, collecting things.. wow.



Wiiloveit said:

@gameking: How on earth can you compare this with THAT? I think you'll find that this one looks pretty ace - although classic controller or retro support would have been a nice addition as well (as with Niki Rock 'n' Ball)



Terra said:

The Balance Board certainly makes this all the more interesting. One to watch for me



gameking23 said:

@Wiiloveit the reason TIM came to mind was the fact that you use the Wiimote the same way as TIM, and they both have marbles in them. This game does look great I'm definitely going to buy this one. Unlike TIM which I plan on never buying.



Rage_zoned said:

Hmm,looks a bit like Linerider,if you ask me. But if it is more than 500 Wii Points - you can forgett it -it has not even a level creator!



Wiiloveit said:

This had been PEGI rated (except for the UK, strangely enough), so expect it next WiiWare update or shortly after!



gameking23 said:

It's strange that this game is not up on the ESRB website. The video says rated E so has this game been rated or not?



Djungelurban said:

So this is basically a rather straight forward Cameltry (also known as On The Ball) rip off? Hmmmm... I don't know really... I mean, it does look quite alot better than Cameltry, but I've never really been a fan of that game either...



gameking23 said:

I wish this game would come out already. I already have Wii Points set aside for this game so I hope it come out soon.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

And waiting.... (Next comment: And waiting....)
I got a feeling it'll come out this month, though. Or at least, I hope so.



gameking23 said:

And waiting some more. I have a feeling it might come out this month. Then again I had a feeling it would come out last mont... and the month b4 that.



Crazed said:

Have anyone else noticed lately that when companies say "Coming Out Soon", it's quite some time before the game is actually released. It's not just this game. We expected Bit. Trip. in Feb. and got it in Mar. However, that game came out all right. I don't know how this game will come out, but at least there are photos and a video.

By the way, the video makes me extremely intrigued about this game. I won't expect it out soon, but when it comes, it will be fantastic (I hope.)



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Yep, I mentioned before how it seems like games that are announced to be coming soon and have a slated release date and everything seems to get pushed one month later. Evasive Space and Snowboard Riot were planned for January, both appeared in February. Bit.Trip Beat, same thing as you just mentioned.

If it comes out now, I'll be upset that I don't have Wii Points to get it, especially since I bet it would hold me over until I can get Marble Saga: Kororinpa. In any case, the situation is somewhat distressing. Can you imagine how this makes the developers feel...

I hope this comes out Monday and NOT Texas Hold'em Tournament. I still stand by my March prediction and if not, then in the first week of April but anything after that, I'm stumped...



Crazed said:

Maybe there is a bottleneck effect going on. Only a few games can come out every week, and there are many games that want to be released, therefore causing a huge build-up of "coming soon" games in the wait line. If this is true, I don't see any problem in increasing the amount of available downloads from 1-2 to 3-4. I don't have the theory for sudden announcements of games like Bonsai Barber, however.



gameking23 said:

It's simple 4 Bonsai Barber to come out because Nintendo developed it. So that means that Nintendo put whatever game of theirs out there whenever they want. Meaning the games that we actually want to play get held back.



Crazed said:

I hope that Equilibrio and/or Swords and Soldiers comes out this Monday along with Bonsai Barber and Texas Hold'em. Equilibrio and Swords and Soldiers both look like terrific games, where Bonsai Barber looks like grade-A shovelware and Texas Hold'em doesn't interest me (despite being mildly good.)

Oh, and I'll give a shout-out to Cocoto Platform Jumper to come out this weekend as well.



gameking23 said:

Yea I hope that Equilibrio comes out Monday, but at this rate we will probably be disappointed again. I always could be wrong about this ( I do hope I'm wrong).



gameking23 said:

Ya I just found out that Equilibrio is comming out this Monday. Here is the post from thier website. - 31/03/09 - Equilibrio Release

Equilibrio will be released in the US by the 6th of April and in Europe by the 10th of April.



Syr said:

So, has anyone tried it? Game play video looks great, hope it plays well with the wii-mote as well though.

Edit: Still no impressions? I might break down and have to buy it.. is everyone too busy playing this to give a thumbs up?



Objection said:

I saw K8's comments on another page but anyone else have an opinion or a general # out of 10? Please describe why, as a # is only a # after all.



Corbs said:

It seems our designated reviewer for this title will be unable to do the review, so I'll be stepping in to do the review. I'll get it reviewed as quickly as possible. Thanks for your patience.



Jayenkai said:

Jay thoughts (reposted from today's news topic!)

1. I'm up to level 9, and it's still tutorial levels. If I did crap like this, I'd have more than 10 levels per game, too.. Man, I hate tutorials...!
2. Balance board completely unnecessary.. You still have to hold the controller in your hand anyway.. If you stand on the floor, hold the controller, and lean as you would on the balance board.. .. Same thing.
3. Levels last (so far) about 5 or 6 seconds.. Then there's a 5 or 6 second unskippable jingle, then there's the highscores, then there's the "You got X 'not-an-achievement'" thing, then there's level select.
By level 3 you're wishing it just got on with the game already.

Additional : Jingle started to tick me off.. Gave up.. Quit game..



KnucklesSonic8 said:

You quit that quickly? Wow.... That's lame since you're only on Level 9 when there's over 40 left to go and then there's still more.

But the jingle is unskippable so I suppose that could annoy some. XD
If anyone wants to know anything about the game, lemme know.



estoiagamer said:

I have an idea: why not choose the balls you want, imean the glass ball is only on few levels.

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