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Carnival King is a fun-for-all-ages video game that brings the spirit and energy of competitive carnival games to the screen.

Players compete for top scores and prizes while visiting three different amusement parks: Arcadia, Dreamland and Lagoon Park. Each park has four sets of games and a Bonus Round to test players' speed and accuracy. For novices or sharpshooters, the games are continually challenging, and the difficulty level can be adjusted to match each player's growing confidence.

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Is this take on the old-fashioned carnival shooting gallery a hit or miss?

There have been quite a few games over the years that have made use of various carnival-style shooting galleries. Some have leaned towards an arcade feel while others have gone for a more realistic experience using a light gun. Intelligent Technologies,...

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GotWii said:

I love Point and Shoot games, and the Wii is a perfect platform.
I will be getting this if its priced fair. Plus being aged friendly means my younger boy can play also.



Kobayashi said:

The original Carnival King was a arcade non-violent suitable for all ages made by It (Incredible Technologies) and launched on 2002. This WiiWare version is a port of the original arcade. It´s a fun game with a total of 12 mini-games (+bonus stages) that works very well with the Wii Remote and has a interesting online leaderboard.

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