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Take an unusual journey into a microscopic world in this unique action game from the genre-redefining Art Style series.

As a tiny tentacled organism, you have one simple purpose: to grow. Swim through the primordial ooze, using your tentacles to absorb other organisms whose colour matches that of each tentacle. Match the colours correctly and the tentacle grows; mismatch and you lose a life – and some of your tentacle.

Control your organism by simply spinning your way through the ooze; however keep a close eye on your flailing tentacles to avoid absorbing the wrong colour of organisms around you.

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Posted by Sean Aaron

Tentacular spectacular

The Art Style series certainly stands out as one of the safer bets in Nintendo's stable of downloadable software. These are puzzle games with a minimalist aesthetic and focus on simple gameplay; it's like the Tate Modern of gaming only with content and a...

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iAmThetot said:

This is one that I am definitely interested in picking up. I really enjoyed the first three Art Style games but there were a few things I think that could have made them better. I mean, Rotohex especially just was so empty. They could have at least added online scoreboards.



3230ru said:

inspired by Flow, isn't it?.... oh and Digidrive or something like that...



BrazCanaMan said:

I kinda wished more for this one than Light Trax... oh well, guess I'll just have to wait.



jhuhn said:

It's coming on June 21, 2010. I thought it would be out a week or two ago, but at least Nintendo got Rotozoa in there on the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere.

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