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Fri 28th Jun 2013

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tetra82 commented on Talking Point: The NX Hype Will Ramp Up as Nin...:

My opinion is that Nintendo needs to make big moves to come back in the first place but mainly to shake off the stigma of the "second best".

1. Make a powerfull console. It is not necessary to make a monster 10 times better than the PS4 but not much worse. And make it x86. No developer will give time and resources to make the game on a different platform, much weaker that no user will prefer.

2. The innovation is good but not always. The new ways of controllers in the Wii and Wii U are great but there are games that are unplayable. Trying play FIFA and NBA 2K with the Wii Remote was like torture while personally Injustice (and generally fighting) with slipper tablet, was tedious. You need and classic controller from scratch.

3. Online services. No codes and crap. You want it to be free; Good for you. Do not make it so robust as the PSN / Live. But personally I would give 40 euros a year to have excellent online, demo, DLC etc.

4. Beautiful and smooth UI console

5. Smart apps. Tablet / Smartphone apps with videos reviews, cheats, forums, chat miscellaneous. MiiVerse was fun. Make it cloud based and give access from Android / iOS and PC. To chat at night before I sleep and read about new Metroid achievements or who beat whom in Smash would be a dream.

6. Nintendo owns games that are like made for tablet years before touch screens. Mario Party, Wario Microgames, Toad and dozens more. Make them available for tablets. Or you think rhe Angry birds kart is better than the Mario Kart; Nintendo can create lite versions of major titles or even mini games (example an open world zelda where you use your smartphone to make various herbs grow in the "garden" that will be needed for potions etc etc)

7. Last but not least. LET 3RD PARTY DEVELOPERS BREATHE.



tetra82 commented on Watch_Dogs:

If the Wii U version wont be just a port Watch_Dogs is the kind of game that gives the tablet pad a world of opportunities! Can't wait