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Coasters! Pandas! Zombies! Crashes! Explosions!

From Frontier Developments, the creators of RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 and LostWinds, comes a rollercoaster game unlike any other – ‘Coaster Crazy Deluxe’ for Wii UTM on Nintendo eShop.

Coaster Crazy Deluxe’s innovative blend of Crazy character gameplay challenges and Frontier’s incredible, easy to use 3D coaster construction system has players meeting the demands of their Crazy customers in order to build a cash making worldwide coaster empire.

Using their proprietary development technology and vast experience of coaster building games, Frontier has embraced the innovative control features of Wii U: building coasters in glorious 3D is effortless with stylus and/or the Wii UTM GamePad’s buttons and sticks; turn the GamePad to move the in-game view and flick the Gamepad upwards to eject the Crazies from the coaster.

Keeping The Crazies Happy

The Crazies are demanding customers but keeping them happy earns players kudos and gems; for example:

  • Can you make your coaster fast enough to get the Speed Freak surfing with delight?
  • Can you keep G-forces low enough to prevent the Professor’s Nitro Glycerin from exploding?
  • Can you beat a coaster score before the Zombie starts infecting other passengers?
  • Can you do all that at the same time?

Coaster Crazy Deluxe Features:

  • Unparalleled ease of 3D coaster building
  • Unlock special pieces, coaster cars and track to build ever more insane creations in 10 regions across the globe
  • Online leaderboards for players to share coasters and earn in-game currency
  • Coaster building sandbox
  • Daily Challenges to earn kudos and gems

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Posted by Christopher Costabile

Not so crazy after all

Hold on to your coaster cars, Nintendo fans, because with the release of Coaster Crazy Deluxe for the Wii U eShop, gaming just got a whole lot crazier….or did it? Frontier’s latest iOS port proves that despite Nintendo’s concerted efforts to...

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Alshain01 said:

I prefer a new game from the creator of Rollercoaster Tycoon 1 & 2 :( Frontier ruined this genre.



sirgrim said:

They lost me at the silly looking around and waggling the controller. The coaster design part looks pretty smooth though.

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