Release Date


  • 26th Nov 2010 (UK/EU)

About This Game

Prepare to rally your worm troops and battle your way through Worms: Battle Islands on Wii!

Take control of a secret island base, which you can see on a global map. From here, plot to defeat your enemies, expand your territory and win buildings and items that will give you a strategic advantage in every game of Worms: Battle Islands you play.

Create your own weapons of mass destruction in the weapon factory using the “technology crates” collected from the single player campaigns. And take advantage of an all-new game mode that offers unique tactical possibilities with a range of special abilities that can be deployed before each match even begins.

Every battle is important if you want to win the war!

  • Choose from a selection of all-new weapons such as the never-seen-before Flare, and the high-tech EMP Grenade to add to an armoury that's already packed full of destructive firepower.
  • New to the game? Not a problem! Each secret island comes with a retinue of staff to guide you through every aspect of the game.
  • Play the game using either the motion sensing controls, or turn the controller sideways and use the classic control scheme.
  • Play multiplayer with your friends via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection!