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Set two years after the events of the award-winning Tales of Symphonia, Dawn of the New World introduces two new young heroes, Emil Castagnier and Marta Lualdi, as they journey to find the cause of a catastrophic change in their world.

Crossing paths with fan-favourite characters such as Lloyd, Colette and Sheena, the brave adventurers will also encounter a spirit known as Ratatosk, lord of all monsters, who will grant them new and incredible powers over the fearsome creatures that now roam the land.

Debuting a major new gameplay system for the Tales series, Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World allows players to capture more than 200 unique monsters that they face in battle. Players can feed these monsters to make them more powerful, and even evolve them into several new fearsome forms. Up to three monsters can be taken into any battle situation, offering unique benefits against enemies and imparting new strategic depth to the Tales series’ lauded real-time battle system.

Brand new content exclusive to the PAL version of Tales of Symphonia™: Dawn of the New World include the Gallery Mode and head accessories. Unlocked once the game is completed, the Gallery Mode includes a Skits Library containing viewable skits of the gameplay, and an Image Library with a wealth of design sketches, illustrations, pack art and more. The game also contains a number of new themed masks and head accessories for Emil and Marta which are exclusive to the PAL version and allow players to customise the characters in battle and will also add new special effects during fights.

Featuring a massive cast of returning playable characters, Dawn of the New World offers complete freedom in creating a custom party that best suits the needs of each enemy encounter. Up to four players can enjoy the full game together cooperatively, working together to strategically complete each battle.

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NAMCO give us another dose of Tales of Symphonia, to be released in Europe later this year

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UVERoo said:

First console RPG and I love it. Story and characters meh but awesome gameplay and I love the look of the game. Combat is awesome made me hate turn-based RPG. Tales of>>>>Final Fantasy.

If youre new to RPG this is a must.



motang said:

I will be ordering this one soon! Loved the first one on the GC, and I am anxious to get back into the Symphonia world!

Can't believe Nintendo Life doesn't have a review for this one yet.



motang said:

Just picked up a copy at BestBuy for $15, going to have to wait though as I have finals this week so I will be playing it over Christmas break.



feder said:

Got this game. I really enjoyed it, though the game itself seems to receive a lot of flack.



Malkeor said:

It is really underrated, I think the monsters as party members is interesting and wasn't all that bad.

BUT I enjoyed it alot and love the cutscenes and story, and I wish you guys would review it just to see what you would think!



jaygo12345 said:

im playing this game right now and am like ten and a half hours in and its getting better the more i play even though i was not a fan of this series at all i like this one

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