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Republic Of Korea

Tue 12th Oct 2010

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feder commented on Satoru Iwata Will Return as Nintendo Direct Ho...:

I'm kind of surprised about the squid amiibo shortages, but wasn't there a truck full of splatoon and splatoon amiibo that was stolen? Was that ever recovered? Maybe that's why for people in Europe.

There are no shortages of the single packs of splatoon amiibo where I live. The three pack sold out quickly, but I was lucky enough to get one later that day. The Target store I went to had four Lucinas and four Robins. I came at 630 and was able to get Robin and Lucina at 800.



feder commented on Bandai Namco Celebrates the 20th Anniversary f...:

I'm a huge Tales fan, so this news excites me. I wouldn't be surprised if it's just the announcement of Zestiria being put on steam in addition to ps3 though. But I'm hopeful! I would love it if they released some of the untranslated ps2 titles like Destiny, Destiny 2, and Rebirth, un the west via a compilation or on psn. Unfortunately, I dont expect any Nintendo love soon.