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Fragile takes place in the near future, in a world that has lost its population. You play as Seto, a young boy searching through the abandoned cities and facilities of this world, trying to learn the truth behind the disappearance of all the people, and to find someone to keep him company. In addition to exploration, Seto has to deal with ghosts who appear in the ruins.

Players will be able to explore a dark and abandoned world with the aid of their Wii Remote™ that functions as a flashlight and as a proximity sensor to hunt down invisible ghosts. The cinematic presentation, joined with an emotional soundtrack, bring the tale of a lonely and lost individual to life as players encounter memorable characters and discover the back story behind scavenged objects that provide insight on people's last days before the apocalypse.

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Posted by James Newton

Diamond in the rough

There’s a sincerity to Fragile Dreams that’s very appealing, but that weighs heavily on the game over time. After burying his grandfather in his front garden, main character Seto explores the post-apocalyptic world with a heaviness of step that should...

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Marvelousmoo said:

This game looks good, but all I see is exploration with the flashlight pictures. Where is the fighting and such?




Is it really necessary to have fighting in such a great looking game? Still hoping for a release outside of Japan....



kirgy said:

it must be pretty awesome to explore japan after the apocalypse :D
the only problem is how to find any food, Hmmm :I
i suggest raiding the left over candy in all the empty candy shops in Japan! :D



CanisWolfred said:

I remember seeing a trailer for this once. Looked depressing as hell. I hate depressing games, so I think I'll just stay away from this one.



ejamer said:

I love this way this looks. That doesn't mean it's a good game... but the art style and design are great.



Namo said:

Seto is on a search for the Blue Eyes White Dragon!

...Sorry, been watching Yugioh Abridged all day. This game looks great though.



Zork2 said:

I got it when it came out and I'm liking it a lot. It's very engrossing. It's the type of game that absolutely must be played in the dark with the lights out. The atmosphere is incredible.

Fighting is a little awkward, but not horrible or anything. I think it's realistic. You're a boy with a stick, not a ninja or something. It adds to the suspense and I think it works well.

This game is only for the patient. Also, it is not to be spoiled. Don't read a faq thinking you should get everything, just play through the game. Don't spoil it, seriously. It is so much better if you just let it play out.

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