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Mario Clash (VB / Virtual Boy)

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The objective of the game is to knock all the enemies in a particular level off ledges.

This is accomplished by hitting them using Koopa shells, of which there are always two -- if one shell is knocked into a pit, another appears to take its place. The majority of Mario's enemies need to be hit on the side (i.e. with a shell thrown from the background while the enemies are in the foreground or vice versa).

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Posted by Dave Frear

Is this overlooked title worthy of a second chance?

Many reasons have been given for why the Virtual Boy failed so badly when it was released in the mid '90s. One of the more convincing arguments is that the lack of a 'proper' Mario game meant that hardcore Nintendo fans ignored the console; while it's...

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Adam said:

Such an underrated Mario game! I used to play this for hours. Of course, I wear glasses now, so maybe that isn't something to remember so fondly.



Pastry said:

Why were all of the Virtual Boy games red? Were you supposed to wear 3-D glasses or something?!



CodyRBurns said:

I always wondered where the turtle throw mini game came from on WarioWare Inc. Now I know. This game looks really fun, although I've never seen a VB.

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