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Zaxxon (Wii Virtual Console / Virtual Console Arcade)

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The Zaxxon defence system must be destroyed in this isometric-viewed shoot 'em up which was originally hugely successful in the arcades. The game has 3 stages, first taking you through Asteroid City, which is heavily protected by aircraft, guns and missiles. Many barriers are alarmed, leaving you with limited space to progress through, and fire must constantly be dodged.

Stage two is a space shoot out against hordes of enemy aircraft - those you failed to destroy in the first part of the task. Complete this and you reach the final battle with Zaxxon, with the game looping with increased difficulty if you can survive the first time. There are 3 distinct skill levels, while controls involve using forward to dive and back to climb, in the manner of flight simulation.

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Posted by Sean Aaron

One for the history books, but not for everyone

In 1982 Sega made a little gaming history with Zaxxon: the first 3D arcade game to use an isometric perspective – even more shockingly, it used sprite-based graphics at a time when 3D games were pretty much all being done with vectors. Whilst Zaxxon got...

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Kevin said:

Nice to see another Arcade game listed. I'm surprised we haven't gotten Galaga and the Pac-Mans announced yet.



KeeperBvK said:

Yay, go Zaxxon! Though I've never liked it THAT much. I just hate isometric view in just about any game.



Roo said:

This is the PAL 5/3/10 download game? Doesn't get much worse than this.



Roo said:

Just to add as it's easily forgotten: this is an (easy) unlockable on the 2006 PS2/PSP Mega Drive Collection. If you've got that, no need for this!



NeoShinobi said:

Whats with all the hate? This is a pretty decent game.

The price is pretty steep though. I wouldn't buy this game on the VC.



2009monash said:

i cant even get this game to start with the CC and the screen is really narrow. worst download ever, :-(

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