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New Adventure Island (TG-16 / TurboGrafx-16)

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Somewhere on the peaceful Adventure Island, Master Higgins weds Tina, the new Miss Island. Everyone who was invited to the wedding begins to celebrate when, suddenly, the evil Baron Bronsky appears and snatches Tina away, while his henchmen take the six children away. To reach his castle and rescue Tina, Master Higgins must first rescue the six children, each of whom is hidden on a separate island.

New Adventure Island is a one-player action game that consists of seven areas, with four rounds each. In order to get through the areas, you must use your hatchet to destroy wildlife such as frogs, spiders, birds, snails, insects, and other pests, and watch out for hazards such as rocks, fire, water, and pits.

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

New Adventure Island is perhaps Master Higgins best adventure to date.

The Wonder Boy and Adventure Island games have seen releases on just about every 8 and 16-bit console you can think of, not to mention a few remakes on some of the more recent systems. Having said that, if you want to play the best the series has to...

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Sinistron said:

played this for hours a few weeks ago with some friends and we got to 5-2. The next day I beat it to a pulp by myself. Pure platforming bliss. Run, jump, throw, midlevel checkpoints, eat fruit to regain health (more like a timer actually) -- the basics. but great controls and the perfect pacing. Consider this a basic skills contest- but I think its the best of them. I believe that the fourth boss (or whichever one builds walls which then fall on you) is the toughest. the final three bosses are a breeze.



I miss the Wonderboy theme tune dodododadododododdadodo. Had fond memories of Wonderboy in the arcade and downloaded this because of that, the different graphics and tunes make it hard to feel nostalgic though, still a good game but given choice I would of got Bonk instead



amanda said:

i would much rather classic wonderboy, this one is just not as good.



Nate said:

Ya, Adventure Island on the NES was WAY better than this, they should put it on the virtual console.



Razor61289 said:

This game is good but it can be quite difficult. The idea of using a skateboard in some parts is a bit like the classic Simpsons game "Bart's Nightmare" on the SNES. New adventure island is a great platformer with plenty of colour which adds to the fun.



sammy said:

This is a good game and what the pc engine is all about.

Excellent platforming fun.



Corbs said:

To me this is the best Wonderboy game available on any console. Smooth control, gradual difficulty increases, and some fantastic visuals. The soundtrack's pretty cool as well.



Betagam7 said:

I had the japanese Gamecube remake of this and it was great fun. I might pick up this version and sell the GC version seeing as I can't play it on Wii thanks to Nintendo ruining freeloader!



Massimo said:

This game is AMAZING!! It reminds me of Bit Trip Runner! The gameplay is immediate and fun, the controls are tight, and the game is challenging without being frustrating. One of the best platformes I've ever played.

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