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Chew Man Fu (TG-16 / TurboGrafx-16)

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Chew Man Fu has set a curse to rob the world of fried rice, egg rolls and all its other favourite foods. To stop him you must work through 550 rounds, clearing them by placing four different coloured balls into the appropriately-coloured hole.

The gameplay is something of a Pengo variant, as the single-screen levels are inhabited by enemies, who can be killed by firing one of the balls at them at speed. When it hits one it will continue moving in the same direction, rebounding off walls if neccessary, and pushing you backwards slightly if it comes back to you - but it can be instantaneously brought back under control.

Blocks can also be moved at a more casual speed, including round corners. Once a block is placed onto its spot, it can be used again as a weapon. The levels are in a maze style, and parts of this can be opened up. The game also includes a small bonus Kick-Ball game for 2 players, which doubles as practice with the control system.

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Posted by Darren Calvert

Chew Man Fu has set a curse to rob the world of fried rice, egg rolls and all its other favourite foods.

This is no doubt a game that not many will be familiar with. I think an award should go for best named game 'Chew Man Fu'. The Japanese release was called 'Be Ball' so for once the western name is much more fun!Basically this is a puzzle game where you...

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TBoneTony said:

This game looks so cool, plus 4 stars is not bad either.

Anyway, if you are from Europe, America or Japan, get this awsome game, you might love it too.



Jazzem said:

Not a bad game this If you have at least a little interest in puzzlers, I'd definitely reccomend it. It's certainly unique! Has that addictive factor about it too.



nephew77 said:

I find myself agreeing with this reviewer. If you like puzzlers like Lolo, Kickle Cubickle, and Splash Lake, you will probably like this. Recommended for all ages. Chew Man Fu earns a 4/5 from me for the hours of meaningful gameplay that it offers the player.



Jazzem said:

Good grief, I thought the '550 rounds' thing was a typo, but this does appear to be the case!

That's brilliant value for money though, I'll be able to pop onto this game and always have a fresh level to play for a long time!



Ross said:

In the first clip, the person pushed the ball into a white hole instead of a green hole. Can anyone explain?



Corbs said:

I was shooting video with one hand and trying to control the game with the other. Just made a mistake. You are supposed to get the balls on the matching colored squares. The clip I wanted to use obviously wasn't the one that I ended up putting in the video. So there's now a blooper. Yay! : )



TBoneTony said:

YAY, now with Aussies like me now getting a taste of the TurboGraphx-16, I might now have a chance to play this great puzzle game.



KickballFan said:

As single player game, this game is a good challenge, almost too much so at times. Requires thinking and planning on-the-spot. 3/5

The game makes much more sense as a coop two-player game. It is much easier, and a lot of fun coordinating with your friend. Level design seems to require two people at times, making the single player game that much more challenging. 4/5

The best part, surprisingly, is kickball. If you've already downloaded this game, you owe it to yourself to invite over a friend of comparable skill and play kickball until you develop carpal tunnel. Easily worth the price itself
for this game. 5/5

Review for Kickball:
The graphics, sound, and controls are bad. It is a add-on mini game. The game is as simple as it gets, only slightly more complecated than pong. It should be terrible. Instead, it is pure stupid fun. The graphics and sound get out of the way when you're playing the game, and the bad controls actually help the gameplay in that the better moves are harder to pull off. Cheap goals and skilled shots are both plentiful and great to pull off against your friends. There is also a surprising amount of strategy that can be applied
to this game due to the ball physics.

I'm considering getting Wii Play now. If it has at least two games as good as
kickball, the price is worth it.



pikmin95 said:

Its really easy in the beginning, but then its progressively gets harder. It may get challenging at some parts, but definetly worth every point.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

People do have different tastes. TBH, I completely passed this over and knew little of its existence. Wiiloveit called my attention to it.



Shinnok said:

Correction, "some" people have different tastes. "Most" people flock to these generic Japanese games like moths to an open flame.

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