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Illusion of Gaia (SNES / Super Nintendo)

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Will is a young boy, whose father, an archaeologist, died on an expedition to the Tower of Babel long ago.

One day, he receives a letter from King Edward, inviting him over to his castle. After being wrongfully imprisoned for not bringing a certain item the king wanted (Something he didn't even know he had), he escapes the castle together with the princess, Kara. The two soon learn that the end of the world is near - A red star in the sky signals the arrival of a comet which is said to appear every 800 years. If not stopped before it gets too close, its radiation will turn the entire human race into monsters, something it has already done multiple times before.

The planet's only hope are the "Mystic Statues" - Will must hunt down all six of them and bring them to the Tower of Babel where his father lost his life so long ago, and use their power to send the comet back from whence it came. On his quest he'll visit the ruins of various old civilizations which were wiped out by the comet on previous passings and even speak with some of the spirits of the dead. All of the main dungeons are directly based on real world locations, such as the Great Wall of China, Angkor Wat and Mu. Will also has to deal with cults, slave trading and other things which are very unusual subjects for videogames.

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

This being a great game is no illusion

In the early days of the SNES, Enix made the beloved action RPG Soul Blazer. A strange but incredibly effective mixture of RPG and very light town-building elements resulted in one of the system's most underrated games.Although the game itself did not...

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Jazzem said:

I love this game Currently playing through it on the SNES, and have just arrived at "Euro". It does have some nasty difficulty spikes though (curse those vampires!)



Corbs said:

Illusion of Gaia was great, but it did have a very unbalanced difficulty at times which could make it frustrating to play.



Kurachi said:

i had the euro version Illusion of Time
this was great to play, was lots of puzzling, which was fun
i agree, this also needs to hit the VC for everyone to have even more fun on the wii



StarBoy91 said:

One of the many classics that I have missed out on as a child because I have never heard of it. I'm considering ordering it from eBay someday; unfortunately there's no IoG copy under PayPal, so I'm forced to..........BID!!!!
Frantic worries aside, is Illusion of Gaia really decent? 'cause I've read FlyingOmelette's review of it several dozen times already saying that it is. What kind of almost turns me off is that I read the story is lopsided. I also read that the game can be challenging at first. I'm all for challenge, I'm not afraid of it. I just wonder if it's gonna be fun; 'cause I am that interested.
PS - This has kinda bothered me for some time, and I don't mean to question a game I have yet to experience: but why is this titled Illusion of Time in Europe? I wonder if time has anything to do with the game at all. But maybe I'm just nitpicking (as usual), so I'll just have to experience it myself to see if it's fun.



Willybomb said:

Illusion of Time was bloodly brillant, with one of the most in depth storys that flow with so much emotion on the snes. Quintet really knew how to create a game that could capture everyone. This and Terranigma are very underrated RPG's and should be more classified as classics with those greats such as SoM, LTTP, Chrono trigger, Super Mario RPG. This game had great graphics which helped to set the story and great boss battles. The games music was so brillantly writtern and so rememberable, I personally love the South Cape tune. Its a fairly short game but some parts can be very difficulty at times due to the unbalanced difficulty throughout the game. I loved gathering all 50 red jewels to get a reward of fighting solid arm. Great game with a great story line.



StarBoy91 said:

@Drake - Oh. Never mind, then. I was just curious then.
I'm so purchasing this game someday, as I'm a big fan of SoulBlazer (the only game I played of the trilogy).



StarBoy91 said:

Looks like Illusion of Gaia/Illusion of Time is gonna have a review soon. Can't wait to read it (the review).



StarBoy91 said:

I looked up that this game is one of the few games that was published by Nintendo, when it was developed and programmed by (a) different company(/ies) (in this case, Quintenix [Quintet/Enix]).
For the American SNES cartridges it's easy to tell what's published by Nintendo or another company by looking at the bars near the title in the top of the cartridge. If it was published by Nintendo, then the bar is red; but if it was published by someone else, then the bar is violet/purple. It's funny how all these years I didn't know why the bars were differently colored until I found out months ago.
EDIT: Wait a minute. I've lately noticed that the reviewer's post is a gray box, while the nonreviewer's posts are simply paper white. I wonder if Drake is reviewing the game, 'cause his post is in a gray box?
EDIT2 [May 1st]: Days ago (on the 28th of April) I got this game in the mail. I've been enjoying it, and it's a very great game. Almost as great as (or maybe just as great as) SoulBlazer, the prequel. The game was a great experience from beginning to end. I beat the game today on the 1st of May.



Drake said:

I think my posts are in grey boxes because I created this game page. I am planning on reviewing it though!



StarBoy91 said:

Cool. [Delayed reply of mine was delayed]
I enjoyed the soundtrack. I actually set up the volume of my widescreen HDTV to 30.



MissM said:

First game I ever played in the trilogy. Still my favorite to this day.

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