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Sun 2nd Mar 2008

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hankola commented on Shadow of the Ninja:

Awesome. This is a true classic. Tight controls, fun levels (the gear level is pretty fun!) The two person co-op made it feel like the best version of a ninja gaiden type adventure ever!



hankola commented on Review: Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire (Nint...:

I still have it, and true it didn't hold up well against the newer games; but cut it some slack...At the time it was the pinnacle of Star Wars gaming! Sure it had camera issues, but there are STILL games that have that now. The point is of all Retro Gaming is to enjoy the nostalgia and have fun. Games these days are built easy so you can beat them, so people don't get frustrated and throw the controller on the ground. Don't you miss something difficult to play that new? Check out NSMB Wii and old schoolers rejoice.



hankola commented on Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings:

really hope this turns out. I can see how the controls and camera angles could muck the whole thing up. But if they keep it simple and the voice acting is decent, i'll buy it anyways.