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Hop on your board and take part in five extreme skate events!

The Downhill events include a normal Race and the dangerous Jam, a wild ride through the back alleys of town. Points are all that matter in Freestyle, so hit the ramp and perform as many tricks as you can. In Highjump, try to jump as high as you can. Can you earn a place in the hall of fame? If you want to take a break from racing and score-busting, grab a Bopper (pugil stick) and take on your opponent in the unique Joust! (Don't try this at home!)

You can play alone or challenge a friend in all of the events in this NES classic. So get ready for skating action like you've never seen before!

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Posted by Darren Calvert

Hop on your board and take part in five extreme skate events!

Long before the Tony Hawk’s franchise made skateboarding games mainstream the cool kids got their kicks on Skate or Die for the NES. The action begins in Rodney Recloose’s skateboard shop. He’s a crazy middle-aged dude with a blue Mohawk who...

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deggs said:

i had this as a kid... i liked it at the time (in fact, it was one of those nes games that pretty much everybody had in their collection no matter how small it was). we'd spend afternoons drinking crystal pepsi, playing this, and watching "Gleaming the Cube" and "Max Headroom"...

would i buy it today? prob not. the sequel always looked kinda fun. i might give that a try if it comes out. this was entertaining for me as a kid in the 80s but to be honest, there isn't much depth to this game. that doesn't mean it isn't any good, it just means that you might get tired of it fast. the sequel looked interesting as it was more of an adventure game or something (i.e., totally different than this). this game was basically just Summer Games (C64/atari) but with skateboards...



darthmix said:

No, it's not 720. It was clearly aiming for 720's market, hence the title, but this is more of a "Summer Games" type of game, i.e. a collection of discreet, unconnected events.

It actually wasn't a bad game on its own, though the different events are hit or miss. I remember playing the downhill course over and over and over again to improve my time. I got so I could get to the bottom in less that twenty seconds every try.



Beau_Skunk said:

I liked this game personally. Joust, and the downhill race were quite fun game modes. (And that one in the city, I forgot what it was called.) The "High jump" on was quite frustrating though, until I figured out you had to tape the button to go higher.
The title screen also had some good classic 8-bit electric guitar sounds.



Boredom_v2_2 said:

What's the name of that other Skateboarding game for the NES? I think i heard it's better than this one.



Gravitywheel said:

They did port 720 to NES, and it was a lot better than Skate or Die.

the other Skateboarding titles I can think of were California Games and T&C Surf Designs. Both of those had surfing in them too.



Adamant said:

The game was obviously inspired by 720, but it's worth noting that while 720 is older than this, it wasn't actually ported to the NES until after this game has been released.

As others have mentioned, though, the NES port of 720 is way better than this thing. Hopefully we'll see that on the VC eventually.



Corbs said:

A decent skating title from the 8-bit era, but it's not likely to find an audience with anyone other than fans of the game from the NES days.



Bass_X0 said:

10. learn japanese ds 10 Jan 2008, 01:53 GMT
This game was rad! Can't wait till they release it in NA!

Still waiting?



Cally said:

All I remember about this game was repeatedly wondering why I kept bailing out.



fep said:

I don't understand, this game is not available on French VC ? Why ???

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