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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Gravitywheel commented on Lords of Thunder:

Forgot to mention that I beat the Sega CD version without dying, using mostly the Fire Armor and the Wind Armor.... definitely something wrong there.



Gravitywheel commented on Lords of Thunder:

So out of curiosity, I just went and downloaded the Sega CD version of this game and an emulator on which to play it (for what it's worth, I have already purchased the VC version).

You know what? The Sega CD version SUCKS! The music lacks the intensity of the TG-CD version. Lots of the sound effects have been changed, too. The most annoying change I noticed is that the Water armor (my personal favorite) makes a horrible "machine gun" sound when fully powered up. To top it off, the game is too easy! I just sat down and beat it on Normal mode without losing a single life - something I could never manage on the TG version! It seems like each difficulty level has been bumped down a notch or something. "Normal" on the TGCD version is similar to "Hard" on the Sega CD. There was never an "Easy" mode in this game, but "Normal" on the Sega CD version seems like it's pretty much equivalent to an Easy mode.

Now, what's interesting there is one added factor in this version that seems like is should make it a tad harder - Landis pauses when he gets hit. Somehow, though, it doesn't make much difference.

The grpahics are also kind of grainy compared to the Turbo version as well - it's not that noticable, but they're definitely inferior if one were to compare them side by side.

The ONLY thing this version seems to offer that the TG version does not is the voice-overs. If I am not mistaken, there were voice overs in the original Japanese version of the game, but they are not in the US version. At any rate, the voices in the Sega CD version are nothing to write home about, but interesting nonetheless.

Man, I'm glad the Turbo CD version is available on the VC! This is one of my favorite games of all time, and I am glad we got the better version of it!



Gravitywheel commented on Lords of Thunder:

I can't believe I had never played this game until yesterday. Holy crap. BEST. SHOOTER. EVER.

I think there should be some sort of a remake of this game, and they should use some modern power metal bands - such as Dragonforce, The Sword, Blind Guardian, etc - for the soundtrack. How freakin' awesome would that be?



Gravitywheel commented on Metroid:

Back in the old days, we used to draw our own Metroid maps on graph paper as we went. There was no internet then, sonny boy!



Gravitywheel commented on Mega Man 2:

One of the best games of all time, period.

Bahamutzero, I have the PS2 version of the collection. It's great except for annoying load times on the main menu. The Gamecube version suffers from a bad button setup, unfortunately. I would still recommend the collection, though, since you're getting 8 games for like 20 bucks.



Gravitywheel commented on ActRaiser:

I have always loved this game. It was truly something unique for its time. There really wasn't anything else that combined simulation and platformer elements in such a way. The sim parts are a little simpler than something like Simcity, but they are fun nonetheless. plus, they provide a break from the action while still giving the player a lot to do.



Gravitywheel commented on Skate or Die!:

They did port 720 to NES, and it was a lot better than Skate or Die.

the other Skateboarding titles I can think of were California Games and T&C Surf Designs. Both of those had surfing in them too.