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Phantasy Star III (MD / Mega Drive)

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As Rhys, the crown prince of the Orakian kingdom of Landen, you are engaged to be married to Maia, a woman from a rival kingdom. But Maia is kidnapped on your wedding day, setting you on a quest filled with twists and turns that will reintroduce you to people and places from previous Phantasy Star games.

This epic spans several generations of characters, and your choices will dramatically impact the way the story unfolds, which makes it a great game to play all the way through more than once. In Phantasy Star III, things aren’t always what they seem - check it out and watch the mysteries unfold.

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Posted by Damien McFerran

As Rhys, the crown prince of the Orakian kingdom of Landen, you are engaged to be married to Maia, a woman from a rival kingdom.

By the time Phantasy Star III was released the series was well on its way to becoming a solid favourite with Western Sega fans, having already become pretty famous in its homeland Japan. With the third game Sega decided to make some sweeping alterations,...

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7th_lutz said:

Great Concept for a rpg at the time Phantasy Star 3 came out.. The battle system is the worst of the phantasy Star games. You also have problems healing in the game at times.

Phantasy Star 3 really doesn't have any tie-ins to the first two phantasy Star games. Phantasy Star 3 wasn't made by the same people that did the first 2 Phantasy Stars. The people who did Phantasy Star 3, also did Sword of Vermillion.

Phantasy Star 3 is not a must have rpg for the genesis.



Brandex said:

Considering that a lot of people are saying that this is the worst in the series, it's a shame that this was the only Phantasy Star I have played. I didn't like it. The generations concept was interesting, but I found the game really slow and boring. I don't think I ever finished it. I'm glad that the other Phantasy Star games are better.



DDR_Paladin356 said:

@ 7th Lutz

I think theres a possible tie in to the other Phantasy Star games.

Spoiler Warning

In one of the four endings, you go through a black hole and end up near earth. It doesn't show what happens at the end of this ending (other than , but in the ending of Phantasy Star II, we know that the people who created Mother Brain were from Earth. I think the layout of the final level of PSII (Noah) is similar to the ship Alisa III. So, its possible that during the end of Phantasy Star III (the ending that I was talking about), they were transported to a future Earth which was dying (like it said in the end of PSII) and the earthlings took over that ship which was sent through the future and traveled to Algo and caused the destruction of Palma and everything else thats been going on.

This is of course a speculation. I don't know if any of the endings of PSIII are canon or not, but i think thats a small possibility of how things happened.



Citan said:




Alright, PSIII takes place in a ship/planet that managed to escape before Palma/Parm was destroyed in PSII.

SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!! END



Cally said:

Wow, you spoilers went and just about ruined most of the reward for enduring some of PS3's pain--man, the Genesis was good at torturing the ears with that tinny "music," but PS3 was on another level. The game is just overlong, often feeling aimless and incredibly cheap--every time you're male character is years older and no longer playable, the difference in his portrait is a cheaply-applied mustache (though admittedly, that was one of the biggest laughs I've ever gotten out of a game). And check out those puke-inducing battle screens. Surprisingly though, the plot proved to be downright inspired and incredibly creative, making PS3 unique enough to warrant a look.

Should hardcore RPG fans put up with this game for the good stuff? I'm leaning towards yes, as a matter of duty!



Laxiom said:

Being a newcomer to the series i have to say that im actually enjoying Phantasy Star 3 more than 2. i dont think it looks worst than 2 and i enjoy the atmosphere of the game.



Masuyo said:

THIS was the Phantasy Star game I grew up on. I absolutely loved it as a kid. It may not be the best but I'm getting it for nostalgia. There were parts in it that really stuck in my brain but they were so vague until now. Woohoo!



CopyofCopyX said:

Oh I remember that game. The hero moved slllllloooooowwww.
Overall Phantasy Star 4 is the best game of the series.



Bananiac said:

Excuse me, but the video is useless! Its got minutes of credits and intro, but doesn't tell me anything about the gameplay at all
What's the use of this???



TheLuigiDude said:

Y'know which game nailed the generation system? Dragon Quest V, that was awesomely deep. I can't wait till the DS remake so I can play the offical game (not a traslated ROM).

Though honestly I haven't played this game I think I might buy the GBA Phantasy Star Collection (with I-III), but that means I'll have to wait on the VC to get PHIV.

(sorry this was an off topic post)



Starwolf_UK said:

How on earth is this playable in this day and age? Emluating it I was always playing at over 2 times the original speed (200%) and even then it felt a bit on the slow side. I guess having to play it in 50Hz (~83%) would be equivilent to torture...

I managed to get past the first generation before getting stuck in generation 2 and shelving it. What a strange game it is...



Ah, the black sheep of the series. Anybody getting into Phantasy Star probably shouldn't start with this game. Some people like it, most people don't. It's definitely a departure, at any rate. Either way, you shouldn't be playing it on Virtual Console.



Corbs said:

I just never could get into this game. They tried to make it too different and really ruined the Phantasy Star experience for me personally. It's playable, but if you're expecting the same old Phantasy Star experience, you're likely in for a disappointment.

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