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Sun 17th Feb 2008

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solosnake commented on Breath of Fire II:

BoF1 is one of my favorite Games ever, I really miss that game, I hope they bring it to the VC too.



solosnake commented on Kid Icarus:

I had never played this before. I have to say it is one of the best titles on the NES. Id go so far to say its #2 behind mario 3. Download this now! unless you dont like hard games, because this one will kick your ass.



solosnake commented on DoReMi Fantasy: Milon’s DokiDoki Adventure:

I downloaded this. I am a huge fan of mario/DKC, so I figured Id give it a try. I have to say it is worth the points, It is just as good as DKC, and only slightly worse than my all time favorite super mario world. This game is top notch, its too bad they didnt translate any of the many cut scenes, but its not a problem.



solosnake commented on Spelunker:

OMG the character looks just like King Graham from the Kings Quest series. I would LOOOVE to see Kings Quest make it to the VC sometime.



solosnake commented on Phantasy Star II:

This game is truly a classic, its got one of the best storylines of any game to comeout in the 80s, and even rivals many games in the 90s. This game set the standard for years to come for story in RPGs. What now seems cliche was done for the 1st time in this game. Also a shocking ending to anyone who sticks through to the end in this tough game. Taking place across three planets, this game is truly epic. I give it the well deserved 5 stars. As a warning this game is hard, but well worth your time.