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Columns is loosely derived from Tetris, as it involves arranging falling blocks in such a way as to clear them. However, in columns they are groups of 3 same-size but varying color blocks, which must be arranged into sequences of 3 or more, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

Sequences of 4 or 5 count for double or triple points, and diagonal sequences score the most. The real trick is to set up 'combos' - where one line causes other blocks to drop so as to create other lines.

As well as the normal game mode, there is also a 'flash' mode, in which the aim is simply to remove a particular block from the base of the pre-formed pile of bricks. The difficulty of this can be determined by increasing the number of complete rows which are already in place.

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Posted by Damien McFerran

Columns is loosely derived from Tetris, as it involves arranging falling blocks in such a way as to clear them.

Much fuss was made over Columns back when it was first released. Nintendo had just launched its version of Tetris alongside the portable Game Boy, and puzzle games had therefore become a vital element in a console creator's arsenal. Sega quickly pushed...

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Manaman said:

Ugh... I downloaded this before I knew of the Sega Megadrive Collection with 27 games at a bargain 16 quid. Picked the PSP version instead so I had a portable version of Columns, which made me feel a little better at wasting 800 points on this. I blame my sister...

__Rob Wilson


Rob Wilson said:

Why oh why couldn't they have put Colums III on instead? You just can't beat 5-player Columns!



Yatesy said:

Well, I for one am glad that Ninty have released this in its original form, although it would have been nice if they'd whacked World Cup Italia '90 and Super Hang-On on the same download, as that was a popular 3-in-1 combo pack back in the day! Of course, why do that when you can offload those other games in future standalone releases for wads more cash! <br> <br>

__fire deity


fire deity said:

lol john, i had that game combo too. That super hang on was fun

This game is definately not worth 800 points. It should definately be combo'd up with at least 1 other game. I thought columns was first released by the nes console



deggs said:

the game rocks... some people don't like it... personally, i remember liking the original "Magic Jewelry" game better just because of its over-the-top cheeez music and the simpler graphics... Still, this one is awesome and a must buy for any fan of puzzle games... sometimes neglected but it truely is up there with tetris, doctor mario, bust a move and Puyo Puyo (two versions of which are available for vc, Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine and kirby's avalanche) as one of the greatest puzzle games ever.



deggs said:

actually, now i'm told that magic jewelry is actually a taiwanese fake version of the original columns for sega master system... oh well, both those versions were good though



Guilherme said:

If you are going to buy only one puzzle game for the notoriously puzzle-poor Mega Drive, this should be it. But don't let nostalgia overcome your senses. There is a lot more fun to be had playing Tetris DS.



KeeperBvK said:

It's still a nice concept, but there's just not enough in here. It's ok, but nowadays not much more than that.



Roo said:

Looks pretty (all those colours make me do the old Ren & Stimpy "Happy Happy Joy Joy" dance), but at the end of the day this is a slow and dull attempt to copy the grandaddy of all puzzle games - thats Tetris - on a more intelligent system. Not as good as you remember it to be!



LordJamak said:

I came to this game late as I was a Tetris head through and through. I bought the Genesis 6-pack in 1999 while away at college. Got hooked on this game!! Got my wife hooked on it too and she ended up downloading this as her first VC game. Still fun to this day.



I'm a big puzzle game fan, but I never liked Columns for whatever reason. I rented this and III on the Genesis as a kid, and I own this game on Sega Genesis Collection. Speaking of which, if you want this game save your money and get the collection, seriously.

If you find you don't like it as much as you used to or something, you'll be hard-pressed to dislike Phantasy Star II and IV, Golden Axe, and Shinobi III. If you somehow hate all of those, well, you probably need better taste in games. XD

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