(GBC / Game Boy Color)

Metal Gear Solid (GBC / Game Boy Color)

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Early 21st century. An incident of unprecedented magnitude sends shockwaves through the highest levels of the U.S. government: A prototype bipedal armored vehicle, Metal Gear, has been seized along with its nuclear payload by an armed group.

In a radical response to this crisis situation, the government calls in Solid Snake, the master saboteur who single-handedly brought down the fortress state of Outer Heaven seven years ago. The order given to him is to infiltrate into enemy's headquarters called "Galuade" and destroy Metal Gear.

Solid Snake by himself stands up against the impregnable armed fortress. But there awaits him is an unknown mercenary group who call themselves "Black Chamber."

Dark connections to the past, truths hidden behind the closed door are starting to be laid bare. So is the huge conspiracy surrounding Metal Gear...

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Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Snake sneaks onto Game Boy Color in his first portable op

Metal Gear is a series born from limitations. Originally intended as a military shooter game for the MSX2 computer system, creator Hideo Kojima found the hardware unable to handle the large amount of on-screen action required for such an adventure...

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Big_A2 said:

Considering they only gave the PS1 version a 9.8 or something....



Collision_Cat said:

This isn't a port of the PlayStation game, it's a totally different game known as Metal Gear: Ghost Babel that got retitled for the Western market, which confuses people.



Jfilesguy said:

Breather done.
As one may have guessed, I want this game to come to VC, if so then this and MGS33D will be my first Metal Gears. Thank the game gods that MGS33D is the first in the timeline (thanks wikipedea!)

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