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Fortified Zone (Game Boy)

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He has the offense. She has the defense.

Together, they have a chance, in the...


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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Link goes Commando

Jaleco seems to be good at making a game of just about any genre. We've seen fighters, sports games, a firefighting game and more, and this one can probably be best described as a mix of The Legend of Zelda and Commando, similarly to the original Metal...

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Kriedler said:

Ok, it says there's multi on the box. I'm guessing we're not getting it on the VC?



Cipher said:

@Deeso The version of the game released on eShop in Japan is single-player only, so expect the same from all versions.



tweet75 said:

i remember liking this game reading about it in nintendo power back in the day. At the time though I didnt have the funds to buy it. I forgot about it over time now it brings back memories and can finally play it.

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