Robot Rescue (DSiWare)

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A robotic DSiWare puzzler!

A puzzle game with plenty of little robots that need to find their way to escape the tricky labyrinths. A player has to be very careful because all of robots move at the same time and there are many traps waiting for them. 45 stages shared on 3 levels of difficulty bring a lot of fun for both adults and kids.

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Posted by Desiree Turner

Like synchronized swimming, but with less water and more robots

Working alongside developer Destan Entertainment, Polish video-game producer Teyon has previously focused on the PC, publishing a host of light puzzle games, pet simulators, and mini-game collections, and also the occasional FPS. Together they made their...

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User Comments (9)



Gogata said:

Maybe it will be good, looks like a step-by-step puzzle game with a bit of strategy...



KnucklesSonic8 said:

200 Points maybe? Menu makes the game seem a little basic but hopefully the content will hold up.



Grumble said:

Well, its coming today, and it's 200 points. I think it might be worth it, but we'll see...



theblackdragon said:

@abgar: i do believe i read that someplace as well. it would make sense, since they're pretty much sticking to ports of their PC games, and there was a Robot Rescue 2 already.

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