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Help the ball of "Move your Brain - Rollway Puzzle" to find the way out of each level! To do so, solve the riddles and use your dexterity to escape your enemies without falling.

While playing, tilt the system to move the ball. Collect the gold coins to open certain passages, go onto a switch to set off the mechanisms...

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Posted by Rebecca Gunn

Tilting fun on a DSi

Move Your Brain: Rollway Puzzle certainly is a brave title. It dares make use of the DSi camera extensively – the last title to do that was Nintendo’s own WarioWare Snapped! and the result was a game that didn’t really work in a lot of lighting...

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KeeperBvK said:

Couldn't you also lay down the DSi and move your head instead to navigate? ^^



Funem said:

Waiting for a review before I get this.... hope its not a massive fail with the camera like WarioWare was..
When you do the review can you do some tests in different lighting conditions please to see what the effect would be...



ToastyYogurt said:

The tilting mechanism seems like it would be fun, but I am also waiting for a review to determine if this actually makes good use of the camera (Glares at WarioWare Snapped)



28greg said:

i just barely got this and the camera works a lot better than i expected but on like wario ware it does not focus on the color of your skin just movement and it often gets "un-calibrated" and wonky and there is no recalibrate button. there is no level select you can't replay old ones. there are only 2 save files. there is no alterative stylus or buttons controlls. there is no level variety like it all takes place ind the same 'world'.

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